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Facebook to 'No Longer Deploy' Facial Recognition Tech but Parent Company Meta Will

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Facebook to ‘No Longer Deploy’ Facial Recognition Tech but Parent Company Meta Will

Facebook is “no longer” going to deploy facial recognition technology, but its parent company, Meta, will still continue the practice. Now that Facebook has announced that its parent company will be known as “Meta,” the social media company can now just focus on the social media platform itself.

Facebook Facial Recognition Tech

According to the story by AppleInsider, Facebook has just announced that it will no longer be deploying facial recognition technologies on its own platform. The social network’s parent company, the recently announced Meta, however, said that the commitment would not apply to its very own metaverse products.

As much to the delight of certain privacy advocates as well as critics of the whole facial recognition system, Facebook reportedly stated that it would shut down its very own Face Recognition tool and also delete the company’s collected facial templates of over a billion people. The tech, which also includes the controversial DeepFace algorithm, was reportedly used in order to identify people in uploaded photos for the purpose of tagging.

Facebook to No Longer Use Facial Recognition Software

While Facebook is no longer going to be using the said facial recognition software, Meta, on the other hand, clarified that the limitation does not actually extend to metaverse products, as reported by Recode and seen on Vox. Jason Grosse, the spokesperson for Meta, gave a statement to the publication.

Grosse noted that they believe that this technology actually has the potential to be able to enable positive use cases in the upcoming future that maintain control, privacy, and transparency. It was also noted that it is an approach that they will be continuing to explore as they consider just how the future of computing platforms, as well as devices, can be used to better serve people’s needs.

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Meta to Continue to Use Biometrics

As per the report, Meta will reportedly still continue to be using a number of biometric tools as it will move aggressively into the metaverse. This will include DeepFace, which is a particular AI technology that works by matching facial templates generated by Facebook’s own facial recognition system along with user photos. With a lot of Facebook users concerned about privacy, learn more about what the metaverse could mean for user privacy and security.

It was stated that Meta’s own metaverse is a multi-user VR space that is currently being accessed through the use of Portal hardware. Along with some complex avatars as well as real-time tracking on the horizon, the platform reportedly opens the door towards a new level of user data collection that could go far beyond the current boundaries that are being pushed by Facebook.

Meta has reportedly not yet revealed what exactly are the company’s plans with regards to DeepFace. The company, however, promises to keep users well informed regarding the changes that they will be making. The announcement of Facebook’s Meta has affected game concept tokens with a number of them soaring significantly.

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