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Facebook Meta | What Does the Metaverse Mean for User Privacy and Security?

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Facebook Meta | What Does the Metaverse Mean for User Privacy and Security?

The future either may or may not really be the alternate reality paradise that Mark Zuckerberg promised. If it is, however, its privacy matters will now matter more than ever.

Facebook Meta Announcement

According to the story by Android Central, the company formerly known as Facebook is currently going to be known as Meta. The publication said that they have heard a lot regarding the promising future of the all-new Metaverse coming from the company. One area, in particular, was said to be noticeably glossed over which is privacy and security.

The publication notes that although it may be “cool and edgy” to hate on Facebook, a lot of times, the company actually finds its way into the news cycle. It was stated that the rest of social media is actually filled with people noting how they want to delete their Facebook account and proceed to quit altogether.

Data Collection Concerns

It was stated that by having policies that plainly allow third parties to be able to collect data about users and their friends while ignoring content that would be harmful to children and teens, Facebook has actually shown that it is actually capable of a number of bad things. It was stated that a number of techie people actually hate Facebook.

The publication then noted that “everyone hates Facebook” all the way deep down due to nobody trusting Facebook. It was noted that this excludes, however, the bulk of its users, which is actually the real problem. Of course, it wouldn’t be Facebook without memes. Facebook Meta memes have now been spreading like wildfire shortly after the company’s announcement.

Mark Zuckerberg Mentions Meta

The publication noted that Mark Zuckerberg as well as the company did mention that Meta really cares about user privacy as well as user safety. The publication, however, noted that they did not believe him due to Facebook not giving them any reason to trust them.

It was stated that no new name will actually change this fact. The internet 3.0 experiment is not just going to be run by Facebook. It was noted that every company that has a stake in a whole connected world is now going to have its own hand in the mix.

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Zuckerberg and the Metaverse

The publication notes that they hope that ways to hold them accountable as well as keep them honest are now also part of the brand new Meta. According to the article by Fortune, Mark Zuckerberg noted that interoperability, privacy, open standards, as well as safety all need to be built directly into the metaverse from the first day.

Zuckerberg noted that with all the novel technologies that are now being developed, everyone who’s building for the metaverse should directly be focused on building responsibility from the very beginning. The announcement of Facebook Meta has even affected game concept tokens showing a significant increase in value.

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