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Facebook Meta Announcement Affected Game Concept Tokens | Significant Increase Spotted

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Facebook Meta Announcement Affected Game Concept Tokens | Significant Increase Spotted

Facebook’s recent meta announcement is now affecting game concept tokens. There has been quite a significant increase in game concept tokens spotted.

Facebook Introduces Itself as Meta

According to the story by GSMArena, over the course of the past few weeks, there have been increasing rumors about a Facebook rebranding as the Metaverse. After the recent announcement by the company, Facebook is now known as Meta and does not work with (-verse).

With this being said, Facebook, the social network, will still be known as Facebook. Meta is currently the name of the company that now owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus combined.

Wu Blockchain Shares 24h Growth for Game Concept Tokens

As noted by Wu Blockchain on Twitter, the overall game concept tokens have actually seen a significant increase after Facebook’s name change to Meta. The highest increase, so far, over 24 hours, is StarLink or STARL at 126%. 

Wu Blockchain posted a photo of 12 game concept tokens that have seen significant growth over the last 24 hours.

Here are 12 cryptocurrencies that have been affected by the recent Facebook announcement:

1. StarLink

Crypto/token name: STARL

24h Change: 126%

2. UFO Gaming

Crypto/token name: UFO

24h Change: 49.1%

3. Wilder World

Crypto/token name: WILD

24h Change: 31.1%

4. The Sandbox

Crypto/token name: SAND

24h Change: 24.9%

5. Star Atlas

Crypto/token name: ATLAS

24h Change: 15.9%

6. Illuvium

Crypto/token name: ILV

24h Change: 14.0%

7. Axie Infinity

Crypto/token name: AXS

24h Change: 13.8%

8. Yield Guild Games

Crypto/token name: YGG

24h Change: 13.4%

9. Enjin Coin

Crypto/token name: ENJ

24h Change: 13.0%

10. GALA

Crypto/token name: GALA

24h Change: 11.4%

11. WAX

Crypto/token name: WAXP

24h Change: 10.2%

12. Veracity

Crypto/token name: VRA

24h Change: 9.0%

As of the moment, it is still unknown as to the potential effects of Facebook’s metaverse towards the totality of game concept tokens. For now, however, the game concept tokens have seen significant growth ever since the announcement. Analysts warn of a crypto ETF pullback after its launch, noting people should avoid FOMO.

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Facebook Meta Including Horizon Home

 As of the moment, the metaverse was noted to be “still a ways off”, but there are already parts of it that are already here, as per Meta, including Horizon Home, the company’s very own early vision for an upcoming home base in the metaverse. It was noted that Horizon Home would actually be the very first thing that users need to see when they put on the Quest headset.

According to the article by GSMArena, later this 2021, users will be able to make Messenger audio calls in VR. The metaverse is expected to “eventually” encompass work, entertainment, as well as everything in between. Shiba Inu has just launched its ShibSwapDex, which is a SHIB version of PancakeSwap.

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