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Europe Sees New Protests Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Different parts of Europe are being rocked by protests over the decisions of different governments’ to impose restrictions amidst the spread of COVID-19 in the continent. 

Protests have erupted in countries such as Austria, the Netherlands, and Croatia. 

Austria, in particular, has gone back to a full national lockdown to try and curb the spread of the virus. The country’s fourth national lockdown is set to last for 20 days. Austria also has plans to make vaccinations mandatory by February 2022. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) previously said that Europe is once more the epicenter of the pandemic due to the spike in cases in the continent. 

Europe Sees New Protests

Europe is being rocked by protests in different countries over the decision of certain governments to impose restrictions against the spread of COVID-19. The WHO previously called Europe the epicenter of COVID-19 once again. 

The following countries have seen an eruption of protests over COVID-19 restrictions, according to a report by the BBC. 


Protesters took to the streets to oppose the use of COVID passes in the country. These passes prevent unvaccinated people from entering bars and restaurants, among other places. 

Face mask regulations in the country have also been tightened and “most Belgians will also have to work from home four days a week until mid-December,” according to the BBC. There are also plans to require health workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 


Citizens protested the government’s decision to make vaccination mandatory for public sector workers in the country. 

The Netherlands

Riots broke out in different cities and towns in the Netherlands, which led to the arrest of seven individuals. Two football matches were also halted after fans broke in and ran into the pitch. Spectators are currently not allowed to attend football matches due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The government imposed a partial lockdown over the weekend after the country saw a record rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. Bars and restaurants in the country are required to close by 8 p.m. 

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Austria Goes on Full Lockdown 

Austria returns to a full national lockdown beginning Monday. The national lockdown is set to last for 20 days. According to a separate report by the BBC, it is the European country’s fourth national lockdown.  

The Austrian government previously planned to impose a lockdown on the unvaccinated. 

Non-essential stores have been ordered shut and many citizens are forced to work from home. People can only come out for essential reasons, including work and shopping for food. Restaurants and bars are also closed during the national lockdown. 

According to the BBC, Austria has plans to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory by February of next year. 

The new lockdown has been met with protests in the capital of Vienna. 

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