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[Esports] Best Zombie Games for Android 2021

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The list of the best zombie games on Android is now available. Here are the best zombie-themed titles that you can play right now.

Zombie games are becoming popular since people always want to feel the adrenaline rush while killing the hoards of the undead. The most famous titles under this genre are mostly survival games in nature.

Through an Android device, players can now access hundreds of zombie games, bringing various levels of excitement to them. Some are casual, while others are time-consuming and require a lot of thinking.

With that, here are the best Zombie game titles available on Android at the moment. There are so many things that you can do besides gunning down the brainless zombies in front of you.

Best Android Zombie Games Right Now

‘Dead Effect 2’

According to Android Authority, this free-to-play zombie title is one of the decent shooter games that you can download on Android. Besides its graphics, you could discover other creatures in science fiction movies that you can only see.

The game borrows a similar style to the rest of the RPG titles, and you have to create a character who could withstand hundreds and even thousands of hordes. The mishmash of the RPG elements includes ability upgrade, leveling up, and more.

Against the reeking group of undead, you have the option to choose from more than 40 weapons that you can use to kill them.

According to the developers, the total gameplay of “Dead Effect 2” sits at around 30 hours so you could take your time planning your next strategy for the next wave. Truly, this zombie game on your mobile device will surely get you hooked up for many hours.

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‘Dead Trigger 2’

If you are looking for a unique multiplayer zombie game on Android, “Dead Trigger 2” could be one of your choices for that. Currently, over 50 million people are playing this zombie-killing game, per Ubuntupit.

With over 600 gameplay scenarios, “Dead Trigger 2” boasts rich and extensive gameplay. In addition, you can explore 33 different environments in 10 regions.

Its graphics are well-made, and you don’t want to miss getting shivers from its suspenseful music and background. The most rewarding part of the game is not the in-game reward itself but the multiplayer feature, which will allow you to play with other gamers.

‘Into the Dead 2’

Run-and-gun zombie games are often available on PC, but we will make an exemption this time. “Into the Dead 2” is a new zombie title that features survival strategies for the players. It presents a more challenging environment that allows you to keep up running to stay alive.

You can run with dogs and complete tasks with ease by accomplishing your daily missions. This is a free game to download on Android, but it would cost you money if you want to buy more premium items.

‘Plants vs Zombies 2’

Who would forget this classic defense game back in the old days? The popular “Plants vs Zombies” game has another chapter that you can discover through “PvZ 2,” the franchise’s second installment.

This zombie game will not keep you running for hours nor allow you to use weapons to kill the rotting squad of corpses. Just pay attention to your strategy to prevent the zombies from getting into Dave’s lawn.

“Plants vs Zombies 2” preserves its previous mechanics within its controls and graphics. The interesting improvement in this game is the addition of many plants and zombies in each stage.

In addition, you can explore more dimensions in this game, such as Wild West, Jurassic Marsh, and Lost City, to name a few. This game is not all about gore and stuff, but make sure you can stop the hoards through your effective defense.

We have earlier written the survival and tower defense type of zombie games, but how about the mix of the two. This time, “Samurai vs Zombies Defense” will take you to another world of fighting to save the villages from the dead walkers.

Your priority is to strengthen the defense of your village, so you need to build a strong troop. You can choose archers, warriors, and other armies in your crusade against the zombies.

You can use abilities to prevent them from attacking the village, in addition to a wide selection of weapons and other items.

Aside from these Android zombie games, check our previous articles about other zombie game titles such as “State of Decay 2” and “A Way to be Dead.”

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