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Epic Games Store Reveals Free Titles for December 2021: ‘Dead by Daylight,’ MORE!

Epic Games Store announced its free gaming titles for December 2021. The first batch of the freebies is now out for download, which includes the survival horror game “Dead by Daylight.”

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This illustration picture shows the logo from Epic Games displayed on a laptop and a reflected Apple Logo on an iPhone in Arlington, Virginia on April 30, 2021. – In a court clash with potentially huge repercussions for the world of mobile tech, Fortnite maker Epic Games takes on Apple starting on May 3, 2021, aiming to break the grip of the iPhone maker on its online marketplace.

Epic Games Store December Free Titles 2021

As per, it is not a new thing that the Epic Games Store is giving away gaming titles for free. In fact, it has been doing it for quite some time already on a weekly basis.

However, this time around, the free gaming title that Epic Games is offering is a multiplayer game that has a significant following–the “Dead by Daylight.”

On top of that, another gaming title “While True: learn ()” is also joining the freebies of Epic for the month of December.

The puzzle simulation game and the “Dead by Daylight” will be available for free on the storefront of Epic starting today until Dec. 9.

‘Dead by Daylight’

For those who are unfamiliar with the survival game that Epic is giving away for free, it is a multiplayer horror game that allows their players to be a Killer, while the other set of players takes the role of a Survivor.

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Epic Games Store reveals its free gaming titles for December 2021, including “Dead by Daylight,” and more.

The Killer, of course, tries to kill the other folks. On the other hand, the Survivor would do everything just to escape the savage ways of the Killer.

‘While True: Learn ()’

Meanwhile, the other free gaming title from the Epic Games Store is a puzzle simulation game that revolves around topics that are definitely perplexing, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other related stuff.

Epic Games Store Free Titles (Dec. 9)

Aside from the current free games available, Epic also shared the upcoming offerings that will replace “Dead by Daylight” and “While True: learn ()” on Dec. 9.

Gaming titles, such as “Prison Architect” and “Godfall Challenger Edition” are also coming to the Epic Games Store for free by next week, according to the news story by NME.

It is to note that the “Godfall: Challenger Edition” also made it to the free games offerings of the PlayStation Plus for the final month of 2021. It turns out that it will be gracing Epic’s storefront by the second week of December as well.

Both games will be available to download and play for free on Epic’s video game storefront from Dec. 9 to Dec. 16.

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‘Godfall Challenger Edition’

The arrival of the “Godfall Challenger Edition” as a freebie from Epic is also notable. It comes as this variant of the “Godfall” franchise puts a twist to it.

The “Challenger Edition” allows its players to ditch the whole story content of the game and go straight to the endgame modes wherein their characters are already at level 50.

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