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Epic Games: Google Forms ‘Fortnite Task Force’ to Spot Potential Security Flaws in 2018

Epic Games claimed that Google previously formed a “Fortnite Task Force,” which allegedly meets daily just to spot any potential security flaws in the battle royale title. It was created back when the game still was being installed outside of the Play Store in 2018.

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This illustration picture shows the video game Fortnite logo displayed on a tablet in Paris, on February 18, 2019.

Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite’ and Google

Back then, Epic’s “Fortnite” started offering a mobile version of the massively successful gaming title to Android users, but it was only available in the Samsung Galaxy Store, as well as the website of Epic, as per the report by Bloomberg.

That said, players of the battle royale game could install the said game without going to the Google Play Store, the official app marketplace of the tech giant.

As such, Epic Games could also bypass paying any commission fees on the said app marketplace.

Epic Games: Google Forms ‘Fortnite Task Force’

On Nov. 15, the game developer of “Fortnite” claimed in its legal filing that Google then created a task force just to look into the gaming app that was not available in the Google Play Store.

(Photo : KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

A picture taken on October 18, 2021 in Moscow shows the US multinational technology and Internet-related services company Google’s logo on a tablet screen.

Epic went on to claim in its legal filing against Google that the said task force was formed as “Fortnite” was bypassing the Play Store.

The game dev giant also cited the internal documents coming from Google itself when it claimed that the “Fortnite Task Force” used to meet daily in 2018.

The daily meetup of the team includes looking for any potential security issues and flaws in the “Fortnite” app that was being installed outside of the Play Store.

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Epic: Google Overstates Security Flaws

The filling further noted that Google reported the security flaws to the media in just a span of nine days since its discovery.

On the other hand, the tech giant typically gives other app devs to fix any vulnerabilities found before telling everyone else about it, Epic wrote, according to the report by News Observer.

The developer of “Fortnite” went on to say that “instead, disregarding the security of users, Google rushed to ‘get the word out.'”

The news outlet echoed Epic by saying that numerous news stories came out online to warn players of the battle royale title about a major security flaw in the sideloaded version of the game.

This time around, in the latest legal filing against Google, Epic is saying that the tech giant behind Android overstated the potential security flaw that was found in “Fortnite.”

Epic claims that it was done to hurt the move of the game dev to bypass paying any commission fees to the tech giant.

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