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Energy Dome is a CO2 Power Storage Generator for Solar Energy, Capable of Storing 200 MWh

Energy Dome is a carbon dioxide (CO2) power storage which also acts as a power generator that can help in solar power on its power generation and storage. The device is capable of storing as much as 200 megawatts per hour (MWh), meaning that it is a high capacity, and at the same time, keeps the environment clean by taking in CO2 and has no emissions. 

Energy Dome: Solar Power Generator that Uses Carbon Dioxide

(Photo : Energy Dome)

Energy Dome is a long-duration energy storage facility that would work well with Solar Power generators and plants that get most of their power for free, from the giant ball of star. Not only that, the focus of Energy Dome is to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) and use it as a way to generate energy inside, and release it without any emissions compared to when it was collected. 

The dome focuses on a closed-loop cycle for its technology, bringing CO2 in and having it generate power with a thermodynamic process that turns it into a liquid and gas state. With this, it can sustain itself to be a solar power storage device, especially peaking during the night to sustain power from these solar plants as it is known that there is no sunlight during the night.

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Energy Dome: How Does it Work and Store Power?

It has recently closed an $11 million funding where it has also demonstrated the technology in Sardinia, Italy, where it was made. The process of taking in CO2 and turning it into different states of matter help in generating power, thus storing it in its storage facility that has a capacity of 200 MWh. 

The dome then releases the carbon dioxide back to the environment without the emission it usually brings. 

Alternative Energy Sources Now to Save Earth

The world is all about saving the Earth now, and it is because it is severely damaged because of human waste and pollution accumulated through the years, everyone should be an advocate in preventing its further destruction. 

The focus now is on the alternative energy sources that forego the traditional coal-powered power plants or oil refineries that are notorious for their destructive effects on the planet. Renewable energy is seen throughout the world, something that people are developing for different countries and places to avoid high reliance on power grids that source from plants. 

Also, scientists are looking into Nuclear Power to be the next energy source, something that would resemble the power of the Sun for all the sustainable needs of the human race. It is important to note that the Earth still needs all the care it can get from those that inhabit it, especially as the thought of leaving behind a planet after it has been used up is bad and wasteful.

The focus right now should be on alternative energy sources and reducing emissions to a minimum to help preserve what humans have now, something which ventures like the Energy Dome aim to achieve. 

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