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‘ElonJet’ Meme Coin Aims to Buy Tesla For Teen Who Tracked Elon Musk’s Private Jet, But Here’s the Catch

Final week, a 19-300 and sixty five days-traditional teen caught the attention of Elon Musk when he was as soon as in a position to be aware the non-public jet of the tech billionaire.

In retaining with Tech Occasions, the Tesla boss in the starting up equipped $5000. Jack Sweeney, the younger techie obsessed on the controversy, rejected that and as one more asked for $50,000, a Tesla automobile or an internship.

This time, the ElonJet meme coin was as soon as launched to augment Sweeney. In retaining with the creators of this original cryptocurrency, when the coin reached a corresponding valuation, they would resolve a Tesla automobile for the teenager.

ElonJet Coin Builders Are trying to Have interaction Tesla

(Photo : Tesla Fans Schweiz from Unsplash )

In retaining with a document by Industrial Insider on Monday, Feb. 4, the ElonJet Coin story on Twitter posted that they’ll rob a Tesla for Jack Sweeney after they hit a target market cap.

The like right here is to originate that occur, the meme coin must mild hit a $10 million market cap. As of Sunday afternoon, Feb. 6, the valuation of the stated cryptocurrency already hit around $3 million so there’s mild loads to like up sooner than that takes impart.

In the identical article, it was as soon as mentioned that the legit ElonJet story is now not affiliated with Sweeney. In addition to, it looks to be now not superior to Musk since he reportedly blocked its Twitter story.

In an interview with Industrial Insider, Sweeney stated that it was as soon as “aesthetic humorous” what occurred in the put collectively-up controversy. He added that he trusted the meme coin to put collectively thru.

If @elonmusk received’t resolve @JxckSweeney a @Tesla then as soon as we hit a $10M market cap we are going to… 😘 #ElonJet #ElonMusk #Tesla @USATODAY @HYPEBEAST @futurism @UNILAD @CNBC @TechCrunch @SkyNews @CNN @ElonJet

— ElonJet Coin (@elonjet_) February 2, 2022

In retaining with the legit ElonJet Coin internet order, the meme cryptocurrency was as soon as inspired by fairly plenty of meme coins out there. Particularly, it was as soon as taken in the context of Sweeney’s sensational non-public-jet monitoring mission.

With regards to Sweeney, the teenager stated that the knowing of raising the $5,000 provide from Elon Musk was as soon as non-existent. This implies that he did now not are trying to shut down his tracker correct to accumulate a correct amount of money.

Following the reputation that he has been playing now, Sweeney stated that many folks like reached out to him to support him bustle his tracker story.

“Our hope is to like all planes’ recordsdata available in a decentralized format. This may perchance perchance perchance perchance support carbon emissions and fees decrease vastly as this recordsdata can be available to extra folks globally,” the teenager stated.

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Tesla Model 3 Provide to Sweeney?

After providing $50,000 to the teenager, Elon Musk proposed one more kind out the 19-300 and sixty five days-traditional college freshman. This time, Sweeney refused to settle for a free Tesla Model 3 in exchange for putting off his jet-monitoring story on Twitter.

On Friday, Feb. 4, Scott Painter, the CEO of Autonomy reached out to Sweeney to give him a Tesla Model 3 in exchange for story elimination. On the opposite hand, there’s a twist for the provide: the EV can exclusively be inclined for three years, Day-to-day Mail reported.

In response, the teenager stated that he was as soon as now not in the subscription. Many folks all the method thru the social media platform believed that this was as soon as connected to Elon Musk’s seek recordsdata from.

He clarified that he did now not desire a non permanent automobile to employ. As one more, he wanted to like his like automobile. For the time being, he moreover stated that if he received an actual Tesla, he would fetch down his tracker story on Twitter.

In the period in-between, Musk stated that a patent centered on Global Customizable Headlamps was as soon as a bigger resolve for them, per Tech Occasions.

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