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Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink Shows Download Speed Over 100Mbps: Here's How to Subscribe!

Urian B., Tech Times

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has recently confirmed a couple of unique details regarding the Starlink internet service’s beta testing stage via SpaceX’s very own engineer Kate Tice during the launch’s webcast for the most recent satellite mission of Starlink.

Tice stated that SpaceX’s very own service had demonstrated certain latency low enough for it to be able to play the whole “fastest multiplayer” network when it comes to online games.

It has been able to show pretty impressive download speeds that go up and above 100Mbps. Tice also added that this was definitely fast enough for users to stream many multiple HD video streams all at once, leaving additional bandwidth to spare. 

Watch Falcon 9 launch SpaceX’s twelfth Starlink mission →
— SpaceX (@SpaceX) September 3, 2020

The ultimate goal for Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink

Any particular person who spends most of their time using a connection within rural and poorly covered areas usually try to rely on either the traditional satellite or the very limited cellular-based service know for a fact that both of the parameters actually exceed the capabilities of other existing options.

Starlink’s ultimate goal is to leapfrog what’s now out there already with its existing low Earth orbit constellations. These actually have a particular advantage of transmitting their signals much closer to Earth than those far-out geostationary satellites that actually provide other legacy networking capabilities.

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Kate Tice’s comments on Starlink

Tice actually stated that while the performance has been pretty impressive and even better than expected during the whole private beta, the company still expects both greater capabilities as well as more features to be unlocked over a period of time through different updates.

She also noted that SpaceX has recently completed its first inter-satellite link between the Starlink spacecraft capable of transferring 100s of gigabytes in terms of data between other satellites using the optic laser. 

The results are expected to be done at speeds that will, in turn, be the fastest available for different inter-satellite communications. This is the very core capability for the whole Starlink network, which will, in turn, rely on different handoffs between the Starlink satellites to maintain connections while they all orbit Earth.

How to sign up for Starlink

Currently, there is no definitive date given by Elon Musk regarding when the next-level internet connection will be available for the public, but if you head on over to their website, you’ll find that you can input both your name and your service area to be updated for the availability of the service.

If you really are interested in this service, you might want to subscribe in order to find out more about when the service will be available around your area.

SpaceX’s moves as of now

SpaceX is currently in the process of deploying a whole constellation of 12,000 of the internet-beaming Starlink satellites. These will connect to different rural areas located all around the world.

The company is now already in possession of the world’s largest satellite constellation with about 648 Starlink satellites all orbiting the lower earth orbit. The next deployment of an additional 60 Starlink satellites is already scheduled for this week.

The officials of SpaceX say that the Starlink Service will actually be offered soon in certain northern parts of the United States and Canada with about 800 satellites in orbit.

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