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Elon Musk Linked to Texas Land Grab Issue | Hundreds of Acres Added Purchased by Tesla On Top of 2000-Acre Gigafactory

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Elon Musk Linked to Texas Land Grab Issue | Hundreds of Acres Added Purchased by Tesla On Top of 2000-Acre Gigafactory

Elon Musk has just been personally linked to a recent massive land grab. The incident reportedly happened to be located right next to the Tesla Gigafactory Austin. The land grab, however, might not directly be for Tesla itself.

Gigafactory Texas Massive 2000-Acre Piece Land

According to Electrek, Tesla, as of the moment, already owned more land in Austin compared to anywhere else. When the automaker initially decided to build its own Gigafactory Texas located just outside the city, the company reportedly bought a massive 2000-acre piece of land for the price of about $100 million.

The company has just acquired an additional few hundred acres located around the site for a few months. The site is now expected to be large enough to build its own giant vehicle factory for Tesla to produce the Model Y, Model 3, the Cybertruck, and even the Tesla Semi, along with other future models.

Tesla Battery Cell Factory

Tesla will also be hosting a battery cell factory. This will be more than big enough to receive Tesla’s own headquarters now that the automaker has decided to move them over to Texas officially. Tesla is currently electricity and clean energy provider in Texas.

Tesla CEO, has been linked to yet another land acquisition that was made next to the Tesla Gigafactory Texas site. Electrek clarifies Musk was personally linked which does not necessarily mean it is linked to Tesla.

300 to 620 Acres of Land

According to the Austin Business Journal reports, there are between 300 to 620 acres of land located on the other side of the Colorado River next to the Tesla land that has recently changed hands to Horse Range LLC.

It was noted that the property records that were filed with the official Travis County Clerk’s office indicated that a certain group called Horse Ranch LLC had just purchased 620 acres some time earlier this year. The property was reportedly purchased from William McMorris Jr. and his wife Susan and Barbara Gill on behalf of the estate of Robert Gill Jr.

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300 Acres Tied to Horse Ranch LLC

It was noted, however, that it wasn’t immediately clear how many actual acres were transferred. As of the moment, records that were filed with the Travis Central Appraisal District corroborate some of the land purchases. It reportedly showed that there were only nearly 300 acres that were tied to Horse Ranch LLC.

Jared Birchall, who is known for managing Musk’s family office, is currently listed as the manager of Horse Ranch LLC.

Tesla CEO is managing a number of other companies that are all expanding into the Austin area, including Neuralink, The Boring Company, and SpaceX. Tesla’s semi-trucks are currently set to release before 2022 despite Elon Musk’s warnings.

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