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EaseVRx gets FDA Approval for Its Virtual Reality Treatment for Chronic Pain, Focusing on a Novel Approach

EaseVRx has recently received its U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its novel approach in using virtual reality technology to treat people suffering from Chronic Pain. The VR technology aims to help those that suffer from chronic pain in the overall sense, aiming to reduce the discomfort and pain that they have been experiencing for a long time now. 

EaseVRx Gets FDA Approval to Treat Chronic Pain

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A press release of the US FDA has announced that the treatment called “EaseVRx” has received its approval for safety and use of the public in receiving treatment for chronic pain conditions. Instead of relying mostly on medicine that is somehow addicting as some are based on opioids, the VR treatment would be the safer bet in this concern. 

The focus of the VR treatment is to put a person into therapy, particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other forms of related treatment for changing the way a person feels about pain. Moreover, the company has also focused on pain reduction and pain interference in its treatment, helping in reducing the discomfort felt by a patient. 

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What is Chronic Pain and How Does VR Help?

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Chronic pain is categorized by a feeling of discomfort that has been felt by a person for more than 3 months already or after 12 weeks. The pain felt by the body is consistent and does not falter. The difference it has with typical pain is that it lingers and stays for a person, and this is mostly due to nerve damages from a physical strain or injury that has not healed.

However, this does not mean that the physical injury did not heal itself or with medications or treatment. 

VR Treatments are Getting Popular Now

Virtual Reality was initially a way to integrate the audience or gamer more into an experience that they are seeking and it has been popular over the years, with many companies focusing on developing it. However, the unprecedented use of VR has popped up for its role in medicine, being a novel approach for some practices in the field. 

This year, the world has seen a fair share of VR Treatments that focus on giving people better mental health or helping those that have mental health problems with a different approach to treatment or therapy. It has also made its way into the optical discipline of medicine, something that aims to treat cases like Lazy Eye from Luminopia.

Virtual Reality’s improvement shows that it has more to give on different aspects of medicine than it was first perceived. The new reality shows a different side of technology that focuses on alternative treatment that would help in easing the pain and problems of some, especially as they experience unexplained pain that has been bothering them for a long time.

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