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Earth's Space Junk Rings Could Really Happen Due to Magnetism, Utah Researcher Claims

Earth’s space junk rings could become a reality, and a new study explained how this could happen. Experts said they would look like the ones on Saturn, one of the ringed planets in the solar system.  

(Photo : Photo by Alexander Gerst / ESA via Getty Images)

In this handout photo provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) on July 17, 2014, German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst took this image of the Earth reflecting light from the sun whilst aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Gerst returned to earth on November 10, 2014 after spending six months on the International Space Station completing an extensive scientific programme.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the only worlds with ring systems, which are usually composed of icy rocks, such as asteroids and other similar heavenly bodies or natural debris. 

But, Earth’s theorized ring system would be quite different. Experts said that junk from destroyed satellites and other dead rockets would be forming these rings. 

One of the leading University of Utah researchers, Jake Abbott, said that the planet would soon have its own rings. Here are other details of the new theory.

Earth’s Space Junk Rings 

According to the New York Post’s latest report, Utah space experts have been studying various economic and safe methods to clean Earth’s orbit from various debris. 

(Photo : Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

In this handout photo provided by NASA, This view of the International Space Station over a blue and white Earth was taken shortly after the Space Shuttle Atlantis undocked from the orbital outpost at 7:50 a.m. CDT. The unlinking completed six days, two hours and two minutes of joint operations with the station crew. Atlantis left the station with a new, second pair of 240-foot solar wings.

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But, Abbott said that space agencies and companies should also be careful when it comes to conducting space activities to clean the rising space junk outside the planet. 

“Most of that junk is spinning. Reach out to stop it with a robotic arm, you’ll break the arm and create more debris,” he further explained. 

Jake added that once this happened, magnetism would force this new debris to form with the old junk, which could lead to the unnatural Earth’s rings. 

The new study titled “Dexterous magnetic manipulation of conductive non-magnetic objects” was already published in the Nature journal back on Oct. 20. You can visit this link to see more details about it.  

New Space Companies Specifically for Space Junk? 

Emerging Tech Brew reported that new agencies could be formed since the space debris issue is now becoming a major problem outside the planet. 

These space startups are expected to specifically offer services that can help reduce the rising junk outside Earth. However, you still need to remember that this is still mere speculation. 

In other news, rumors claimed that China is now 20 years ahead of the United States regarding Mars explorations. On the other hand, NASA James Webb Space Telescope is delayed once again. 

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