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Earth Satellites are Numerous Now and It Could be Dangerous; Massive Effect in LEO

The low-Earth orbit (LEO) of the planet has a lot of satellites to date, and it keeps growing as numerous human-made orbiters are sent up there to provide service to people in different focuses. One is for science and research from NASA, others are focusing on surveillance technology, SpaceX has satellites for the internet and many more uses.

Earth Satellites: How Many Are There?

(Photo : NASA/Newsmakers)

A piece by Supriya Chakbarati, a physicist and professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, has talked about the many satellites of Earth, and how they would grow more in the coming years. The physics professor has talked about the evolution of satellites and their success in the low-Earth orbit, being the ideal and cheaper choice to bring up above. 

According to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, there are a total of 7,500 LEO satellites in orbit and active in the fleet today, and those are the numbers from last September 2021. There have been different missions that brought these orbiters between September to now, meaning that its population has increased unknowingly.

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Number of Satellites Are Growing, Dangerously

However, that is not the problem yet, especially as the fleet would grow more in the coming months and years, as the companies look more into the technology involving satellites and its services. Like in Starlink, other companies have a certain benefit of employing or utilizing space tech to further their services for better integration and the like. 

The growth of the satellite industry is contributing to a dangerous future, especially as they focus on having a connection from out of this world. 

Satellites and Their Many Uses: How do Humans Utilize These Orbiters?

Satellites have a lot of uses in the industry now, and this is because the idea of space is getting closer to humans, to be experienced by everyone in the coming years, as promised by researchers. The idea of service from out of this world is massive, especially as it focuses on bringing different services that beam up and down the planet. 

One of the most popular satellites now is the Landsat, and it is a venture from NASA and the US Geological Survey that would focus on looking at the planet and determining different changes from above. The effects and destruction caused by Climate Change are massive, and it has changed a lot of factors on the planet now, and Landsat is here to help. 

On the other hand, another popular company has focused itself on bringing a service to people using their satellites, and it is with SpaceX’s Starlink internet that would beam a fast connection from above. 

The satellite industry is filled with innovations and focuses that aims to uplift the existence of satellites, but one thing is sure, its growth will affect another factor on Earth, and that remains unknown for now. 

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