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'Doom Eternal' To Finally Get Horde Mode With Next Update

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“Doom Eternal” is finally getting an official horde mode with its next update, the aptly named Update 6.66.

(Photo : Steam )

According to PvPLive, the “Doom Eternal” horde mode is scheduled to arrive on October 26. And like a lot of game modes, it’s going to pit players against endless waves of attackers to see how long they can last.

Aside from horde mode, however, “Doom Eternal” is also scheduled to get two new Master Levels, as well as still-unannounced extra content by idSoftware.

Lastly, update 6.66 is also going to bring a few major changes to Battlemode, including a brand new arena to slay demons in and streak-based in-game rewards, reports GamesRadar.

Given how the most recent “Doom” title is considered hard to beat (Gene Park of The Washington Post considers it tough), this new game mode could offer players a great chance to test their skills.

News of the “Doom” horde mode comes after the developers announced they’re scrapping Invasion Mode, reports Destructoid.

Invasion Mode was planned to bring multiplayer elements into the single player campaign for “Doom Eternal.” However, they went with horde mode instead, which is intended for single player.

This is the official teaser for the mode:

If you can see, the YouTube video was uploaded not by idSoftware, but by Bethesda. But this isn’t weird at all, since both studios are actually part of Xbox’s first-party studio roster.

Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media bought idSoftware way back in 2009, as reported by VentureBeat. Eventually, ZeniMax would be bought by Microsoft, which is why the two studios are now under the same Xbox banner.

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What Is Horde Mode Bringing Into ‘Doom Eternal?’

As told by Deag Ranak on the official trailer, “these challenges are designed to break you.”

Players could likely expect the new “Doom Eternal” game mode to be even more punishing than the main game itself. The trailer also prominently features a handful of the enemies that players are going to face, and they look like they mean business.

(Photo : Steam )

This is going to be the first “official” horde mode for “Doom Eternal.” Before this was announced, players were already playing a version of it created by a modder.

However, this mod was only available on PC. But with this news, both last-gen (PS4, Xbox One) and next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X/S) console owners can now join in on the fun.

Should You Try Out ‘Doom Eternal?’

With the excitement surrounding horde mode, is this a sign for you to try out “Doom Eternal?”

If you’re going by official review scores, then maybe you should. When the game launched last year, it was hailed as one of the best first-person shooters in recent memory.

Polygon recommends the game, praising it for its action-packed gameplay and take on the quintessential video game “power fantasy” that all began with the original “Doom.” Only this time, you get to experience it all in glorious 4K and silky-smooth frame rates.

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