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Dog NFT Collections You Can Find in the Market

We often feature new and upcoming NFT collections here in Tech Times and if you have been paying attention, you probably would have noticed that many of them are inspired by dogs. 

Animal-inspired NFTs have been popular among NFT creators and collectors alike. However, among the different kinds of animal-inspired NFT collections you’ll find in the market, the most common you will most likely encounter are dog NFT collections. 

To save you from all the trouble of having to hunt down each article we have on the dog NFTs now available in the market, we have put together a list of dog NFT collections just for you. 

Dog NFT Collections

Dog NFT collections are inspired by different dog breeds. These range from dalmatians to Shiba Inus. Here are some examples:

‘10001 Dalmatians’ 

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the 10001 Dalmatians Twitter account)

As you have probably already figured out thanks to its name, “10001 Dalmatians” is inspired by Disney’s “101 Dalmatians.” The 10,0001 dog NFT is this collection was launched on Sept. 27.

Holders of the dalmatian NFTs will get to participate in Twitter group games run by the collection’s developers. Winners will win prizes in the form of more NFTs or Ethereum. 

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‘Cyber Shibas’ 

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Cyber Shibas Twitter account)

If the Shiba Inu happens to be one of your favorite dog breeds, then the “Cyber Shibas” NFT collection may interest you. The 10,000 Shiba Inu-inspired NFTs went on sale on Sept. 7. 

An upcoming “Cyber Shibas” NFT game is currently in the works. 


(Photo : Screenshot taken from DogeX’s Twitter account)

If seeing the name “DogeX” has made you wonder whether or not it has been inspired by the popular DOGE, the answer is yes. The “DogeX” NFT collection, which has a total of 10,000 NFTs, launched on Sept. 7. 

The “DogeX” NFT collection is meant to be a tribute to the important people who are related to Dogecoin. 


(Photo : Screenshot taken from SIPHER’s Instagrama account)

What sets “SIPHER” apart from the other NFT collections in this list is that dog NFTs are not the only kind of animal-inspired NFTs it will have. As far as its Shiba Inu NFT collection is concerned, its 10,000 NFTs went on public sale on Sept. 9. 

The three other NFT collections that will be released under “SIPHER” are inspired by cats, birds, and bulls. 

Other Animal NFT Collections

If you are interested in other animal-inspired NFT collections, there are actually many out there already available in the market. 

Cat NFTs are popular among collections and examples of which include “CryptoKitties” and “Catryoshkas.” 

Those who like pandas should check out “Panda Fight Club,” while kangaroo-loving NFT collectors should not miss out on “Roo Crew.” 

There are even dinosaur-inspired NFTs in the market these days. An example of which is “Dino Squad Unleashed.” 

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