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Do You Want To Have More Real Followers? Here's How Social Media Influencer Lizzy Capri Did It

Love it or hate it, influencer marketing is still used by brands to drive awareness. Despite reports that sponsored posts on Instagram related to influencer content dropped from February’s 35% to April’s 4% social media influencer Lizzy Capri is still thriving. She now shares her tips on how to improve your social media presence to help you and your business grow through social media. 

(Photo : Lizzi Capri’s Official YouTube Channel)

Lizzi Capri let her two friends read what is shown on her phone. Capri is one of the social media influencers online.

Capri, the cofounder of Team RAR, leverages her brand’s likeness to help the non-profit: The Thirst Project. This organization delivers clean drinking water to impoverished communities and countries around the globe. She said she has been working with the non-profit organization for quite some time now.

“I’ve loved being able to use my platform to shine a light on the incredible work they do every day to better the lives of people around the world,” Capri said.

When did she start gathering followers?

Capri has accumulated nearly seven million followers on social media and over a billion views across her social media platforms in two years through ingenuity and intellect. Team RAR YouTube channel got its silver play button in January 2020. Her success has attracted and created partnerships with LEGO and Elmer’s, where they have tapped into her viral content creation ability.

Capri studied at Carnegie Mellon University and worked as a technical writer at LinkedIn before becoming a full-time YouTuber. She started assisting another producer on a YouTube channel to stay artistic. When that channel ‘s popularity increased, Capri continued to collaborate with Carter Sharer on the original content. By creating unthinkable scenarios such as riding in a real-life tank, she draws viewers.

According to a Forbes report, Capri played with the videos to discover how the YouTube algorithm worked and how videos went viral. She pledged that she would quit her day job once they hit 100,000 followers and concentrate on creating a brand.

Capri is attributing various outsourcing tasks such as video editing to let her and the Team stay focused on the brand’s vision. She said they had to create a business, so her Team needed to treat it like a business.

“[It] was difficult to create the framework for the back end and find out where my energies are best spent,” Capri pointed out.

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Tips on how to grow a social media presence

Capri shares her top three advice to grow a social presence despite continually changing social media algorithms and the emergence of new platforms such as TikTok.

Be consistent with the material that you share

Consistency shows confidence and increases impressions. Team RAR produces between two and three videos each week.

Work smarter, not harder

But with the saturation of social media, the saturation data points can be used to help you stand out by making trial and error posts.

Build off what works for your company 

Start creating the brand identity around the popular posts as you begin to evaluate the data and find out what styles and styles of posts are getting the most interaction.

Capri said she wanted to inspire her young followers to use theirs whenever they see an issue in the world. “It is our generation that will hopefully solve some of these issues,” she said.

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