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Discord NFT Trading, Crypto Wallet Coming? CEO Jason Citron Teases with Screenshot of Platform

Discord may have an NFT trading feature and cryptocurrency wallet that would join its platform in the future, as teased by none other than its CEO Jason Citron. The tease comes as a precursor to the upcoming feature of the company, particularly as Discord has been one of the top choices to have communities discussing anything related to blockchain.

Discord NFT Trading, Crypto Wallet Teased by CEO

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This picture taken on Januray 22, 2021 in Rennes, western France, shows a smartphone screen featuring messaging service applications WhatsApp, Signal, telegram, Viber, Discord and Olvid.

The founder and CEO of Discord have teased fans and users of the company’s platform regarding an upcoming partnership with two blockchain companies that promotes the trade of next-gen currency. The screenshot of the app of the founder, Jason Citron, shows that Discord has two applications whose accounts can be linked to, including MetaMask and WalletConnect.

The screenshot of the CEO shows that it is partnering up with the popular cryptocurrency blockchain known as Ethereum, as well as the platforms that would be used to trade it. There were no official announcements made by the company, but the tease of Citron means a lot of things, especially for Discord’s upcoming ventures.

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probably nothing

— Jason Citron (@jasoncitron) November 8, 2021

Discord, MetaMask, and Wallet Connect

MetaMask is a known non-fungible token (NFT) trading platform, and on the other hand, WalletConnect is a cryptocurrency wallet platform that can hold and keep any form of coin or chain. These two combined with Discord will help in making the platform stronger, as it helps in featuring more of the next-generation form of money in the communities and platforms.

Discord’s Ventures

Discord has been involved in a lot of ventures in the past, and it includes one of its most popular features of all, creating a community where a person can engage with a said group chat and talk about a common interest. The platform has always featured different ways to engage and connect with people, initially being focused on gaming.

It has become another form of Reddit, but instead of having posted to browse and discover from fellow Redditors, Discord has focused on channel building and a network that may feature different topics. One of the most popular Discord features known as “Groovy Bot” has been disabled by Google, and taken off the platform.

The many ventures and happenings on Discord show the different encounters and experiences it had as a platform, focusing on maximizing the content it offers. Now, Discord may be ready for a different experience, especially with cryptocurrency as its partner, to be a platform that can trade and exchange blockchain, whenever they want.

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