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Dbrand Pulls Out PS5 Plates; Sony Threatens Candian-based Company With Legal Action

Dbrand, a Candian-based company that launched replacement PlayStation 5 plates dubbed as “Darkplates” and told Sony to “Go ahead, sue us,” has pulled out its products from sale. This occurred after Sony threatened them with legal action against them over the replacement plates. 

Dbrand revealed a cease and desist letter it received from lawyers representing Sony. The Canadian-based company was accused of trademark and copyright infringement as well as counterfeiting by Sony’s lawyers. 

Now, they complied with Sony’s demands by declaring that their replacement PS5 plates were dead. However, they hinted that their compliance is only for the meantime. 

“Go Ahead, Sue Us,” Said Dbrand to Sony

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“Go ahead, sue us,” were the four words that were once seen at the top of the website of Dbrand, a device customization company from Canada. Those words were directed at Sony, the maker of the PlayStation 5. This feud started after Dbrand launched replacement PlayStation 5 plates called Darkplates at that time. 

According to a report by Eurogamer, Dbrand said, “We’ve taken Sony’s monumental achievement in bad design… and fixed it. We can only assume that our prizes are in the mail.” 

Eurogamer’s report said that the Darkplates are “slightly different” from Sony’s design as far as the face buttons are concerned. Other than that, the Darkplates also have a microscopic texture similar to actual PS5 plates. 

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Sony Has Threatened to Sue

Dbrand has revealed in a Reddit post that the company literally got what it asked for because Sony did threaten to sue them over the Darkplates after all. 

The post, titled “Darkplates are dead. Thanks, Sony,” revealed that Dbrand was served a cease and desist letter by lawyers representing Sony. Per the Eurogamer report, “lawyers representing Sony accuses the company of trademark and copyright infringement as well as counterfeiting.”

The cease and desist letter has demanded that Dbrand stop the sale, marketing, and promotions of the Darkplates. 

Per the cease and desist letter, which has been included in the Reddit post, Sony will pursue legal action should Dbrand not cooperate or respond in time. 

Dbrand has also revealed in its Reddit post that the company is giving in to Sony’s demands. The post reads, “we’ve elected to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.”

The company has added that it firmly believes that consumers have the right to customize and even modify the hardware. 

Sony Threatened to Sue Third-Party Seller Offering Customization 

This is not the first time that Sony has threatened legal action against companies and sellers over the PlayStation 5. 

In 2020, Sony threatened legal action against a third-party seller that offered customization services for the PS5’s faceplates. The third-party seller was initially known as before it rebranded and changed its name to

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