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Dancing With the Stars' Contestant Alexis Ren Believes Cryptocurrency is Better than Current Economic Structure

Urian B., Tech Times

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Alexis Ren, a contestant on the U.S. edition of Dancing With the Stars and an influencer with over 15 million followers on Instagram, says she thinks the “economic structure is a lie” and “delusional.” Ren said people should find something better, which is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Alexis Ren Says She Thinks ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is Better

Ren has an online school for women interested in health, fitness, and personal finance called We Are Warriors on YourStage. In a video in April, she revealed her thoughts on the economic structure, saying what “we have been living on is a lie and it’s delusional,” encouraging people to find something better, which she thinks is “Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.”

Ren revealed her fear while noting that the way the U.S. dollar is being utilized is “scary” and will hurt many people. According to the story by BusinessInsider, Ren then made a statement noting that “our economy is going to fail” while sharing her thoughts on how people should invest in cryptocurrency.

‘Collapsing’ Economy and Dollar ‘Getting Less Valuable’

Ren then said that the economy was “collapsing” and the dollar was actually “getting less valuable.” According to the story by BusinessInsider, however, the dollar gained around 6% against the British pound while gaining around 7% against the Euro during the same period.

Ren said that she knows about the country’s debt and their printing of more money to pay back its debt while accumulating more debt in the process. As of the moment, the U.S. debt is over 120% of GDP, which is a historic high as per the St. Louis Fed’s statistical database.

Ren Aims to Demystify Cryptocurrency for Other Women

Ren then shared that what people are looking for is a sustainable economy and can also move forward with them. Ren said that she invests in crypto and that her mission is to demystify the space for other women.

She says that the area remains very “masculine-driven,” advising people to put “a little” money into coins every month and forget about it. This process is called dollar-cost averaging.

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Ren’s Investment Advice

She said that it is going to be a recurring payment that depositors will never see, but 10 years later, they will remain very “grateful.” Ren said that she does not want people to gamble but instead invest over time.

Ren said that whatever people can afford in a month puts that money into Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they should not stress it. She remained realistic that crypto is still considered a notional currency instead of being something that the U.S. Federal Reserve backs.

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