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Cyber Monday is Still Weeks Ahead, But Retailers Have Already Laid Out its Deals

(Photo : Unsplash/ Christian Wiediger) Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are almost here, and they are the biggest shopping days of the year. Shoppers are now anticipating which of the two days will have the best deals this year.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

The Black Friday sales have already started weeks before Nov. 26. Major retailers like Walmart announced its Black Friday Deals For Days on Nov. 3 after teasing its customers about it back in October, according to CNET.

Meanwhile, Target’s sales started on Oct. 31, and it will continue to add new deals every Sunday of the month. Macy’s, Amazon, and Best Buy all have begun their sales too.

Customers are now waiting to see if there will be better deals on Black Friday, which will be on Nov. 26. The answer is possible, according to TechRadar.

As for Cyber Monday, there is a chance there won’t be an any better price for the products on sale right now ahead of Nov. 29.

Since there is no assurance that you will get a better deal come Cyber Monday, it is highly suggested that you begin your shopping now.

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What Makes Cyber Monday Different This Year

The sales on Cyber Monday are exactly the same as Black Friday, only with a different name. One main reason you should not wait until Nov. 29 is that many of the prices do not change over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to Tom’s Guide.

Retail stores may only change the terminology of their advertising, but the product’s price will remain the same whether you purchase it on Friday, Sunday, or Monday.

Also, retailers are expecting to see more stock outages this year than Cyber Monday last year due to the ongoing global chip shortage affecting supplies.

The global chip shortage won’t be solved anytime soon, with experts predicting that it will continue until 2023. It got so bad that earlier this year, many shelves at retail stores and shopping malls were empty.

As the manufacturing and retail sectors continue to deal with the supply shocks brought on by the ongoing pandemic, these are expected to worsen because the holiday demand is increasing.

Early shoppers have a much better chance of purchasing the item that they want. Black Friday sales on electronics such as smartphones, gaming consoles, and TVs are the ones that sell out first. Consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X and S are almost impossible to get due to the chip shortage.

That means that if you wait until Nov. 29, the item that you want to purchase for a much better price may not be available anymore.

As an alternative to items, you can go for services like gift cards and digital gifts. If there is a bit of good news, some things never go out of stock.

For example, Xbox Game Pass, Disney Plus, and Apple Arcade can be given as gifts because they are always available. You can also go for gift cards because they are never out of stock.

Retailers are offering $50, $100, and $ 300-holiday gift cards to their customers.

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