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Companies Are Using Fake Ads on Twitter for Testimonials in Facebook Ads; Zuckerberg Denies This

Alec G., Tech Times

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Several companies are using fake accounts on Twitter for testimonials used in Facebook ads regardless of the Facebook policy that doesn’t allow “misleading claims.”

Evidence Was Quietly Deleted

Sources from Independent said that they found numerous companies taking advantage of the loophole that Facebook ads. All of the ads seem to be misleading or false, and the companies using said ads have tens of thousands of likes on their accounts. 

Independent tried to contact the two companies, one a famous dating app and another that offers social media posts use Twitter accounts that do not appear to be posted to promote funny and positive feedback from their supposed “users.”

Some of the Twitter accounts were managed by the company or were using Twitter accounts that had little to no activity. Once Independent initiated the contact on the said companies, the ads seemingly vanished from Facebook’s Ad Library, where you can search the entire database on companies’ promotions on the entirety of Facebook’s umbrella. 

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Instances of Said Misleading Ads

The template company had ads on Instagram by a user handle of @amelia which said, “I used to get 40-60 views on my Insta stories until I started using **** In the first month, I gained hundreds of views and get 500+ new followers. Check it out,”

Another confirmed fake account said, “**** is the best app among all stories makers and it united a huge number of people. I doubled my subscriber base.” Many other supposed testimonials like this have risen in ads and have multiple languages to boot. 

The ads have been running for months and have been using various accounts of women smiling and other tweets to fake positive testimonials to boost more interaction and push traffic towards the companies. One particular example of an ad was a tweet from April 25, 2021, saying to “check it out,” while the developer replied: “So happy to hear that.”

The app had no reviews in the Apple Store dated on the day or even the entire month of April.

Facebook’s Surprising Response Towards Allegations

On a positive note, Facebook confirmed immediately to The Independent that they removed all ads from the companies who were investigated on all their platforms. However, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has stated over and over that Facebook ads do not promote misinformation or misdirection.

The terms and conditions when using Facebook ads prohibit misinformation stating, “Ads must not contain deceptive, false or misleading claims, such as those relating to the effectiveness or characteristics of a product or service.” However, it seems like companies found a way to circumnavigate that with some of their ads.

It’s unclear just how many other companies out there are using the same strategy. Meanwhile, the two companies involved in this controversy have not yet given any comments nor replied to Independent to repeated texts and calls.

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