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Coca-Cola Company to Complete Acquisition of BodyArmor For $5.6 Billion: Report

Coca-Cola Company is taking another step to acquire “full control” of BodyArmor. The latest acquisition that will happen will reportedly cost $5.6 billion for the beverage company.

Coke to Fully Purchase BodyArmor

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Coca-Cola is preparing to complete its full acquisition of Body Armor which will cost $5.6 billion. Find out more about this deal here.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, Oct.31, that familiar sources have confirmed the negotiation between the two companies. According to the news site, the deal would pave the way for the $8 billion value for BodyArmor.

Coke is set to complete buying the remaining 70% of the American sports drink company. The website wrote that even the late Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant had placed some of his investments in BodyArmor.

At the moment, Coca-Cola has a 30% ownership of BodyArmor. In August 2018, the carbonated soft drinks manufacturer purchased the first stake from the subsidiary.

In return, this transaction will allow the New York-headquartered company to integrate its products with Coca-cola. Particularly, the acquisition would give it access to the wide-range bottling technology of Coke in hopes of improving production and growth.

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Notable BodyArmor Products

According to a report by The Street on Monday, Nov.1, the company is known for marketing several sports drinks for different purposes. 

For instance, the famous BodyArmor SuperDrink has notable ingredients such as coconut water and electrolytes, to name a few. The company claimed that there were no artificial flavors or colors added to this beverage.

There is also BodyArmor Lyte which is known as a naturally-sweetened drink that contains 3 grams of sugar and 20 calories in each serving. 

For athletes who regularly sweat a lot during scrimmages and actual games, the BodyArmor SportWater could be their ideal choice. This sports drink features PH 8+ and boosted electrolytes.

Elsewhere, Coca-Cola has decided to discontinue the production of its energy drink. The beverage drink has previously competed with Monster Beverage and Red Bull.

Last week, Coke’s shares placed 0.6% higher than its previous record. It closed at $56.37 following the rise of 0.04% in stocks.

Coca-Cola on Social Media Boycott

Last year, many product brands announced their support to pause the social media ad business for a while. Along with Coca-Cola, several companies such as Unilever, Diageo, and Starbucks joined the trend to boycott the platforms which promote hate speech.

At that time, Coca-Cola called out the social app giants to have “greater social accountability” on their respective platforms. They had reportedly stopped ads from spawning on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter across the United States.

Speaking of the acquisition, Microsoft has acquired Two Hat to bar harmful content from appearing on Xbox. The move also looks forward to improving consumers’ experience and the company’s services.

In addition, the collaboration of the two companies would make use of innovative technology, team skills, and other factors that could improve the overall infrastructure.

Other latest collaborations that took place include McDonald’s and IBM, and Verizon, and Amazon.

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