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China’s Tiangong Space Station Sports White Minimalist Interior Design, Spacious Sleeping Quarters—Sleeker than ISS?

China’s Tiangong Space Station sports a white minimalist interior design, along with spacious sleeping quarters for its astronauts.

(Photo : screenshot from CGTN )

China’s Tiangong Space Station sports a white minimalist interior design, along with notably spacious sleeping quarters. Is it sleeker than the aging ISS?

China Tiangong Space Station Mission

As per the report of, China launched its longest mission of Chinese astronauts in the Tiangong Space Station last Oct. 16.

The crew of the six-month mission in China’s space station includes the first female astronaut to reach Tiangong, Wang Yaping; the Asian country’s first spacewalker, Zhai Zhigang; and Ye Guangfu, who will be flying to space for the first time.

The monumental mission of the Shenzhou 13 will also include some equipment testing and spacewalks. However, it further showed the interior design of the Tiangong Space Station.

China Space Station White Minimalist Interior Design

That said, Futurism considered the space station as the most impressive thing about China’s longest space mission, adding that it looks like an Apple Store inside.

It is to note that Apple Stores typically boast a white minimalist design that the space station of China likewise sported.

On top of that, the Shenzhou 13 also showed what their sleeping quarters in the space station looked like, flaunting a spacious bed for the crew members.

Aside from the almost all white-colored interior, the Chinese space station includes some blue accents. Not to mention that their crew are also wearing the same color, which is similar to what the folks at Apple stores are sporting.

Although the space station of China is mainly filled with white and blue hues, there are some touches of red due to the flag of the Chinese nation, seen in multiple instances inside the Tiangong.

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China Space Station: Sleeker than ISS?

It is hard not to compare the newer space station of China to the aging International Space Station or ISS, making them unofficial rivals.

After all, the two are the only space stations ever made so far.

However, it is to note that the ISS launched its first module way back in 1998, which was only designed to last for 30 years. That said, in 2021, the said space station is seven years away from being considered obsolete.

So, while the ISS is nearing its “death,” the Chinese Space Station is just starting out its operations. Thus, it is not surprising to see the latter to be sleeker and more modern, at least in design, than its older counterpart.

Nevertheless, if the two were to be compared, the interior of the ISS obviously looks more dated with the countless clutter of wires and other hardware.

Although China’s space station still shows some necessary wiring, it did a better job with cable management. Not just that, the cramped sleep quarters of the ISS seem to have improved in the newer counterpart, at least in terms of its size.

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