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China Launches Two Test For Hypersonic Missiles | US Grows Concerned Over Their Physics-Defying Powers

China has reportedly launched two tests for its new hypersonic missiles. The demonstration happened in July and August, according to the latest report. However, the recent activities caught the attention of the US when it comes to military prowess.

China Conducts Two Successive Tests For Hypersonic Weapons

(Photo : NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

A man walks among supersonic cruise missiles at the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai in southern China’s Guangdong province on September 28, 2021

According to a report by Financial Times on Thursday, Oct.21, China has previously had a rocket loaded by a hypersonic glide vehicle. The first event took place on July 27, as per the people familiar with the US intelligence reports.

After the primary launch of the nuclear-focused missile, the next launch occurred on Aug.13. According to the two persons who knew the event, the second experiment for the hypersonic missile kicked off just two weeks after the first test.

Previously, the Financial Times wrote in its report over the weekend that China conducted the first launch in August instead of July. The report added that many US intelligence officials were shocked by China’s capability to surpass them.

Al Jazeera cited that the US authorities have been struggling to comprehend how the hypersonic missile defies the law of physics. 

To answer the initial report from FT, the Foreign Ministry of China answered that the actual test happened on July 16. 

“It’s understood that this was a routine test of a space vehicle to verify technology of spacecraft’s reusability,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stated last Monday, Oct.18.

US Grows Concerned About China’s Advanced Military System

According to another article written by, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham noted that there is a need to conduct a briefing about China’s latest activities. 

Graham added that if there’s accuracy about the report, the US should address this military issue immediately. He said that he considered the following actions as a national security phenomenon.

In an interview with Stripes, US Strategic Command leader Admiral Charles Richard said that China’s nuclear advancement was a “breathtaking” expansion of its powers. also wrote in its report that China’s recent hypersonic tests caught the attention of US President Joe Biden. In addition, Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, also expressed his concern about what China can do in the context of nuclear warfare.

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How Powerful is China’s Hypersonic Missile

Last time, we reported that many experts have commented about China’s nuclear activities over the past weeks. For instance, military expert Ryan Fedasiuk said that the hypersonic glide excels in evading sensors.

Another analyst Taylor Fravel said that the nuclear-capable weapon could actually negate the American defense systems.

In September, we wrote that China’s hypersonic weapon could wipe out communication lines in just 10 seconds. It could reportedly disrupt all power supplies, destroying all electronic gadgets within its range. The chemical explosion will be triggered upon its impact on the target location.

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