Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review: Stronger than ever

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review: Stronger than ever
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review: Stronger than ever

It should be hellishly arduous considering of a reputation to your annual first-person shooter franchise. Besides, it was a shock when writer Activision and developer Infinity Ward revealed that 2019’s Call of Duty recreation can be called Modern Warfare.

That is as a result of 2007’s Call of Duty four was also called Modern Warfare – and was held by many to be top-of-the-line Call of Duty games ever. Would 2019’s instalment be able to reside as much as its title?

A modern vintage

Happily, the reply is sure. If you play it, you may see why Infinity Ward and Activision exhumed the title: it takes loads of inspiration from the 2007 authentic – which was the sport that first took the franchise away from WWII and into Modern instances, and thereby opened it as much as a brand new world of possibilities.

That particularly applies to its single-player campaign which, whereas brief, may be very candy certainly – by far one of the best CoD single-player campaign for a few years.

Like that of the unique Modern Warfare, it cleverly mixes up its gameplay, with loads of sequences by which typical shooting takes a back-seat in favour of actions like firing rockets from an attack-helicopter, carrying breeze-blocks to allow stealth-movement in a hostile space, holding a US embassy worker alive by tapping into safety cameras and telling her when and the place to maneuver, and even surviving a waterboarding.

A bit, um, controversial?

There are, in fact, loads of shooting sequences, operating the gamut from full-scale assaults to close-in house-clearances, by way of mopping up after a terrorist assault in Piccadilly Circus.

The story centres on the fictional nation of Urzikstan, occupied by a Russian regime headed by the brutal Normal Barkov. Urzikstan also hosts the (unimaginatively named) terrorist organisation Al Qatala, however a lot of Modern Warfare’s story focuses on Farah Karim, head of Urzikstan’s native resistance action, who’s assisted by varied characters performed by you who, in basic Modern Warfare fashion, primarily hail from the SAS and CIA.

Modern Warfare’s storyline has attracted a little bit of controversy, and you’ll see why: it goals to color an image of the human value of a rustic beneath occupation, and at instances strays in direction of US-propaganda territory.

Plus, it has some unduly attention-seeking moments, notably if you control Farah as a toddler and he or she has to kill two Russian troopers, and an interrogation scene in which you’ll select to shoot a toddler (albeit with a gun that seems to be unloaded). Such scenes will jar with these naturally predisposed in direction of outrage, however you may as well see how they’re designed to invoke the horror of enforced occupation and battle.

Fast-paced action

Away from the controversy, Modern Warfare’s single-player campaign proves to be nice enjoyable to play: it is fast-paced, cinematic and assorted. And it has a great deal of replay worth: it is barely extra forgiving than the norm for Call of Duty games’ campaigns, which inspires you to bump up the issue degree and embark on a number of play-throughs. Plus, Modern Warfare has a brand new mode entitled Realism, which does away with the HUD altogether (and likewise makes it into the multiplayer).

Technically, Modern Warfare is vastly spectacular. Visually, it’s fairly merely one of many finest-looking games ever made, and its manufacturing values are by means of the roof. That silky really feel and responsive weaponry we count on from Call of Duty games may be very a lot current and proper.

Past the principle storyline and the multiplayer, there’s an intensive set of four-player co-operative Particular Ops missions, which cleverly reuse ranges from the principle storyline, whereas kicking off a brand new storyline that begins the place the single-player narrative ended.

The Spec Ops missions require loads of dedication: they’re lengthy, challenging multi-stage affairs. One downside with them is that, at instances, you end up within the fingers of others – for instance, travelling in a helicopter that needs to be piloted competently. So, communication is paramount, and the Spec Ops missions just about demand ownership of a gaming headset.

Multiplayer focus

As ever, the principle meat of a Call of Duty recreation resides inside its multiplayer component, and Modern Warfare’s multiplayer facet is fairly exemplary. Once more, it takes cues from the unique Modern Warfare, in that it rolls issues again a couple of years – killstreaks, for instance, make a welcome return.

Traditional modes like Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Seize the Flag and Free-for-all characteristic, however some welcome improvements have also been included.

Probably the most fascinating of these are Floor Battle, a large-scale mode by which as much as 100 gamers can take part, capturing and holding goals. Floor Battle makes use of enormous maps and encourages using automobiles, so it proves fairly harking back to Battlefield.

On the different finish of the spectrum, Reinforce takes place on small maps, with small groups tasked with capturing goals; the twist being that solely when your staff secures a seize level can its members respawn.

Gunfight also focuses on close-quarters fighting, with a succession of brief rounds.

Realism Moshpit, in the meantime, is one for the hardcore, with its members compelled into Realism mode. It is price levelling up earlier than you bounce into that: Modern Warfare encourages you to choose a weapon and keep it up, for the reason that solely method of getting higher sights and equipment for it’s to degree it up.

Though Modern Warfare also has a loot field/Battle Cross system which is quite too eager to get you to spend real-life money. There isn’t any Battle Royale mode at launch, however one is rumoured to be coming.

On the whole, although, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer affords loads for everyone. The matching appears first rate, particularly if you play the extra conventional modes, so the previous failing of getting continually taken out by aspiring professional gamers if you first bounce into its multiplayer seems to have been addressed. And there are many hardcore modes for which you’ll enhance your abilities at your individual tempo.


Together with the superb single-player campaign and Particular Ops, CoD: Modern Warfare all provides as much as a mighty superb bundle.

If there was a suspicion lately that the Call of Duty franchise was starting to creak beneath the pressure of its annual nature (albeit with a rotating roster of three builders taking turns), this recreation does an ideal job of allaying such fears.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is magnificent to behold, thrilling and absorbing to play, and really slick certainly.