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British Singer-Songwriter Makes Complete Music Video Using M1 Max MacBook Pro Built-in Mics, Camera, and Photo Booth

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) British Singer-Songwriter Makes Complete Music Video Using M1 Max MacBook Pro Built-in Mics, Camera, and Photo Booth

A certain British singer-songwriter has just recorded quite a unique MacBook Pro music video. The entire music video was reportedly done through the use of nothing else but what was available on the Apple MacBook Pro itself.

MacBook Pro Music Video

According to the story by 9to5Mac, a certain British singer-songwriter has been able to record quite a unique MacBook Pro music video. This is through using her very own M1 Max model. It was noted that she recorded the music video using just the built-in microphones and webcam!

It was noted that Mary Spencer decided to use Logic Pro, which is a very demanding app, but was still able to do everything on the device’s battery power while also screen recording at the very same time. This is all without the fans kicking in.

M1 Max MacBook Pro Specs Used

As for the specs, it was noted that her machine is actually almost maxed-out. She reportedly opted for the M1 Max model along with 64GB of unified memory. This was skimping only to the massive 2TB SSD. The Macbook Pro notch for the M1X and the M1 Max was designed to help maximize space for more content.

She then included footage coming from an external camera while screen recording to show what she was doing. The whole audio quality does not compare to studio mics, but it still reportedly showed good results coming from the MacBook Pro laptop’s microphones.

How the Recording was Done

It was noted that she experimented along with some different positions for both the guitar and the vocal tracks. The best guitar result was done while she was standing in front of her desk along with the MacBook Pro located at the edge.

When it came to the vocals, she tried just sitting normally then trying to lean a little forward in order to get closer to the mics. It was seen that the former actually gave much better audio. This was even before allowing for better performance coming from a non-crunched position.

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Webcam Footage Used

It was said that the webcam footage is still considered the weakest element. This is with a fixed focal length as well as no depth of field control. It could certainly do enough when a musician wants to make a simple demo track. For those wanting to get one for Christmas, it was noted that the new MacBook Pros pre-orders will ship out by December.

Spencer, however, did not reveal the specifics regarding battery usage. It was seen, however, that she worked on the pro app for more than an hour. This was with the screen recording overlayed and without the fans all kicking in once. The battery usage was found to be very modest.

The final result was really good, combining the standard to-camera views and the behind-the-scenes shots of the recording and editing on Logic Pro. Check out the music video on YouTube.


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