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Brave Adds a Crypto Wallet to its Website, Not as An Extension—Why?

Brave brings a crypto wallet for its platform and it launched on its website as a tool that can be accessed by the user immediately, not requiring any web extension to be installed. The company has specifically focused on avoiding the extensions feature of its crypto wallet and it was a strategic choice for the company and its service.

Brave Crypto Wallet is Now Available as a Tool

(Photo : Brave)

Brave Wallet features a website integration without the need for extensions

Brave has launched earlier today the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency wallet known as the “Brave Wallet” that promises to be a light and easy-to-use venture from the company. The new wallet boasts of being accessible at any time and place, not requiring the installation of a compatible web extension for its access.

However, that is not the only feature of Brave’s wallet. It can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on the web, as well as purchase and store NFTs, bought from the marketplace. The users of the Brave Wallet would also have the opportunity to access Web3 and explore the websites with built-in blockchain features for a person’s review.

The other requirement of Brave is to download its “Brave Browser” and it would help in focusing on cryptocurrency and its transactions.

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Why is it Not an Extension from Brave?

Brave said that extensions are a pain, especially as it adds more activities to process and can significantly add more loads to one’s CPU. Unlike a web tool that can be perceived by the computer to be a part of the website’s load.

(Photo : Brave)

The company has a ready and open MPL license, unlike other platforms that use web extensions that do not bring these.

Cryptocurrency and Wallets

Cryptocurrency is a massive venture nowadays, and it has evolved into an advanced form of digital money, instead of being an alternative to a real-world currency. The digital money that people are swooning over now provides an investment for some, a means and way to grow their money without doing anything yet, despite crypto being just another form of money.

Nevertheless, it has been known that having a crypto wallet is a must, and one should access it on browsers as well. While Jack Dorsey’s Square is looking into building a hardware Bitcoin wallet, some are still leaning on software and computer programs for this. Indeed, cryptocurrency is a massive thing now, with millions of people joining the craze.

Having an optional crypto wallet for the web is a massive thing, especially as users would no longer feel the need for an extension or app that would take space and add to the device’s CPU processing. Brave’s focus on having it as a tool on its website is a different approach, especially as competitors are focusing more on making it an extension for it to be viewed despite not being on the website.

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