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Brain Receptor Links to Human’s Tallness and Puberty, Researchers Aims to Develop Drug to Help Growth

Researchers have identified the brain receptor that is responsible for human tallness, puberty, and growth, with the specific stimuli that are called “MC3R.” It is located in the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, and researchers think that a drug that would help in activating it would be the key to human growth and achieving its maximum potential.

Human Tallness and Puberty is Related to This Brain Receptor

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According to a research published via Nature entitled “MC3R links nutritional state to childhood growth and the timing of puberty,” a brain receptor is responsible for the height and tallness of a person. Yes, the brain is the all-knowing and controlling organ of the body, and almost all of the body’s processes are linked to it. 

The research says that the MC3R is responsible for dictating the growth of the body and its development to puberty. Some grow taller and enter puberty earlier, and it is with their MC3R being more responsive and active. 

Some known to be late bloomers have their MC3R not working or is not yet commanding the body to work to its full potential yet. 

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Can Humans Grow Taller with This Drug?

BBC’s report says that the researchers have gathered studies regarding this matter, focusing on how much the brain receptor affects human growth. The researchers also aim to develop a drug that would be responsible for activating the MC3R for humans to grow taller and reach puberty earlier. 

However, the body has certain limitations, meaning that it would stop growing if it has reached its full potential. This specific focus is what researchers are focusing on now with their study of human growth. 

Myths and Facts in Human Growth

There are a lot of myths and facts that have been answered by science and research before that correspond to human growth and health, something that has been a thing that most people have been looking for answers for a long time now. 

A lot of people believe that genetics is the reason for the height of a person, and its ties are impeccable to a person’s growth. While it is a major factor, it is not all there is to it, as not all can reach their maximum growth potential and the like.  

A person’s height is one factor with regards to their development, and for some, it is insecurity or thing that they want to change for themselves. It was said that eggs that are fed to babies can help in boosting height during their formative years, and other healthy foods are also linked to the development of their muscles and bones.

However, not all are directly linked to food consumption and the type of food that they eat, as some become overweight or obese with the food that they eat, developing it into fat instead of muscle or bone-building nutrients. That is what the study has focused on, especially as everything is linked to the brain and its functions for the human body. 

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