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BMW Starts Production of 75MPH CE 04 Electric Motorcycles | Up to 31Mph in 2.6 Seconds

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) BMW Starts Production of 75MPH CE 04 Electric Motorcycles | Up to 31Mph in 2.6 Seconds

BMW has just recently entered the full series production of its very own electric motorbike, the CE 04. The CE 04 is said to be a futuristic model that comes from a popular German manufacturer.

BMW CE 04 Electric Motorcycle

According to the story by Engadget, the BMW CE 04 was initially unveiled in 2020. This was when the company dismissed it as what was noted as an “overly ambitious futuristic concept vehicle.”

The article notes that the futuristic part proved to be correct. BMW had also followed up by announcing that the CE 04 was set to enter production. As of the moment, the bike started its serial production at the company’s very own Berlin Motorrad plant.

Maxischooter/Light Electric Motorcycle

The CE 04 reportedly falls somewhere between a certain maxiscooter and a light electric motorcycle. The peak-rated 31 kW and 42HP frame-mounted electric motor are said to put it at the same power class as a number of other eclectic motorcycles coming from other leading manufacturers.

The motor is also giving the bike a potent acceleration. BMW claims that it is capable of reaching a speed of 31Mph in just 2.6 seconds. To push it further, the CE 04 is also rated for a top speed sitting at 75Mph. The 2022 Zero SR handles motorcycle speed upgrades through in-app purchases.

Maximum of 62 Miles

Another model is expected to be available with a reduced power rating of just 31HP, but it still reaches the same top speed at 75Mph. The internal battery of the higher-spec model is said to provide 8.9 kWh of capacity and is also rated for up to 81 miles of range.

The whole reduced power model has a maximum range of a whopping 62 miles. The BMW CE 04 is also designed with a number of different charging options. Buyers will also have a home charging option included, allowing them to symbolically plug the motor to a typical wall outlet or even use a dedicated wall-mounted charger.

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How to Charge the CE 04

The bike will also be rechargeable from other public charging stations as well. The built-in 2.3 kW will offer a standard four-hour recharge, while the optional 6.9kW quick charger update will shorten the time to just an hour and 40 minutes. 

BMW is now claiming that its quick charger can go from 20% up to 80% in just 45 minutes. This would allow almost a full charge during just a short lunch stop. The CE 04 currently includes advanced rider aids like the Automatic Stability Control or ASC and the Dynamic Traction Control or DTC. 

The Dynamic Traction Control is said to be an upgradable option. There will also be a reverse gear which is very heavy for the massive 507lb scooter. The CE 04 can be seen on the official BMW website. Aside from BMW, Kawasaki is now planning to roll out all-electric motorcycles by 2035.

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