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Blue Origin NS-19 Mission Details New Passengers Including Alan Shepard's Daughter, GMA’s Michael Strahan, and MORE

Blue Origin’s next mission has released details on the upcoming flight, bringing another star-studded crew member going to Earth’s orbit, featuring a full manifest of six people. It includes the daughter of the first man in space, Alan Shepard, GMA co-anchor and former NFL player, Michael Strahan, and other personalities aboard the New Shepard.

Blue Origin NS-19: Meet the New Crew Members of the New Shepard

(Photo : Blue Origin)

Blue Origin is gearing up for its next mission and it would be with the NS-19 crew that would have a full manifest of a six-person crew that is lined up to launch with the New Shepard spacecraft. It also has released a list of its new crew members that would come from a lineup of civilians that would soon be astronauts, with some personalities on board. 

First off is Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of the first American on space, Alan Shepard, which would be an honorary member of the crew. She is to be joined by GMA co-anchor and former NFL player Michael Strahan, Voyager Space’s CEO Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, Lane Bess, and Cameron Bess. 

The flight is already set and the crew members are up for their training to prepare for the upcoming mission to handle their first spaceflight. 

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When is the Flight of the New Blue Origin Mission?

(Photo : Blue Origin)

Blue Origin’s next flight would happen on Thursday, December 9, bringing these soon-to-be astronauts to orbit and back down again on the surface. The flight would also support charities including Club for the Future that focuses on giving students a chance to pursue STEM, and The Boys and Girls club which Strahan would donate his stipend. 

Blue Origin’s Missions

Blue Origin is known for having crew members on its missions to have celebrities and personalities who are known in the pop culture media, bringing personalities like former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Star Trek’s William Shatner. The company has also aimed to bring the likes of Academy Award winner, Tom Hanks, to space, but has declined the offer. 

The highly controversial space company is now gearing up for its third crewed flight that would bring a group of individuals and civilians to space and down back again to the planet. The opportunity to view the planet aboard a crew spacecraft is massive, especially as it opens up the world to a greater experience of going to space. 

The Bezos-owned company is showing that it can bring humans to space, and focuses on the commercial availability of its spacecraft to the public, something which only a few have offered. The likes of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are among those with the capabilities to offer the same features, but only the latter has engaged on it, with CEO Richard Branson joining the venture. 

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