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Blockchain Game Firms’ Ask Valve to Lift Steam Ban on NFT Games in Open Letter

Blockchain gaming firms asked Valve, the company behind Steam, to lift the ban on games with NFT trading on the PC gaming platform, in an open letter that they have collectively penned.

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UKRAINE – 2021/07/24: In this photo illustration a Steam logo of a video game digital distribution service is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen.

As per the report by CoinDesk, numerous Blockchain firms wrote to Valve to open Steam’s doors to Web3 technology games that feature non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Blockchain Game Firms’ Ask Valve to Lift NFT Games Ban on Steam

Last Oct. 15, Steam announced an update in its guidelines and rules, noting that all NFT and crypto-related trading games that sport blockchain technology will no longer be welcomed on the platform.

Steam informed its users via the onboarding page of Steamworks, saying that Valve is banning NFT trading games on the platform.

After the announcement, some devs confirmed that their games with NFT trading have been booted out from the largest platform for PC games.

CoinDesk further disclosed in the same report that Steam has whopping daily active users of about 17-24 million.

As such, Valve’s decision to kick out NFT games on the platform significantly impacted the reach of the said developers.

That said, a total of 26 blockchain gaming companies are not trying to convince Valve to reverse its previous decision to boot them out of the platform.

The companies said in the open letter that “games that utilize blockchain technology and web3 token-based technologies like DAOs and NFTs can positively enhance the user experience of games.”

What’s more, a handful of gaming firms further noted that such technology could help users, as well as creators, to meet more “economic opportunities.”

NFT Games Banned on Steam

According to MCVUK, Valve decided to block games with “real-world value,” such as NFTs, from their platform is likely due to the gambling laws in the headquarters of the gaming firm, Washington.

So, it turns out that Valve’s decision to ban NFT games is mainly due to the potential that the gaming giant could be under regulatory scrutiny.

However, that does not stop the 26 blockchain game firms from convincing Valve of the benefits of NFTs and other crypto trading.

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Epic Games Welcome NFT Games

On the other hand, Epic Games has a contrasting stance than Valve, allowing NFT and crypto games on their platform, after the Steam ban.

However, Epic Games is still imposing a couple of limitations for the new technology in games, noting that it should follow the existing laws.

A few months before Epic opened its doors to NFT games, its CEO, Tim Sweeney, blatantly refused to welcome the practice of including cryptos in the gameplay.

The Epic exec further claimed that NFTs are full of various scams and criminal schemes.

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