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Black Friday Sale PS5 Restock | Where to Buy

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Markus Spiske on Unsplash) Black Friday Sale PS5 Restock | Where to Buy

The PS5 restock has been one of the hardest purchases throughout the year ever since its launch in November 2020. With this being said, as Black Friday peaks over the horizon, buyers are expecting online retailers to launch at least a few PlayStation 5s up for grabs.

Buying the PS5 Restock Online

In preparation for this, it is important for buyers to know where to buy and have accounts ready for each online retailer that could drop the PS5 restock. This would allow them to make an instant purchase as soon as the stock drops saving them time and increasing their chances to purchase the console.

One common problem previous buyers had was not being able to check out despite being on time for purchasing the PS5 restock. This was due to either not having an account or not having their account details completed before putting in a purchase for the PlayStation 5.

In order to get notifications, it is important to follow PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts to get alerts whenever new stock is available online. These trackers also notify where the new PS5 restock is available online to direct buyers where they should purchase the console.

Here are the Potential Black Friday Deals:


  • Rumored PS5 restock to drop on Black Friday Deals


  • Rumored PS5 restock to drop on Black Friday Deals


  • Rumored PS5 restock to drop on Black Friday Deals


  • Rumored PS5 restock to drop on Black Friday Deals


  • Rumored PS5 restock to drop on Black Friday Deals

The Global Chip Shortage Problem

Despite about a year since its launch, the PS5 restock has still been exceptionally difficult to purchase at SRP. This is due to both the global chip shortage as well as the influx of scalpers purchasing massive amounts of PlayStation 5 online stocks leaving little to none for regular buyers.

The global chip shortage has affected not just the PS5 restock but also the Xbox Series X restock and has heavily affected the GPU market. Both mid and high-end GPUs have become almost impossible to purchase at original SRP due to the massive demand with the rise of crypto miners.

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Scalpers Making the Market Harder for Regular Buyers

Going back to the PS5 restock, due to scalpers making the market increasingly difficult for regular buyers to compete, certain retailers in Japan have taken an unorthodox approach to marking scalper-sold PlayStation 5s. Although the effectiveness of the Japanese retailers’ approach has yet to be proven, this shows that there are moves in place to combat scalpers and disincentivize buyers from purchasing from resellers.

For those not wanting to purchase the Sony PS5 restock and would prefer to purchase Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, there are rumored drops set to happen this week. As of the moment, there are very few guaranteed drops with more rumored drops.

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