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Black Friday Sale: Apple Watch SE, Fitbit Wearables on Sale in Amazon Now for As Low As $130

The Black Friday Sale of 2021 is nearing, but that does not mean that people would not get the gadgets they oh so desire, as Amazon is offering a massive price reduction to the popular wearables now. The Apple Watch SE, Fitbit, and Garmin watches are all on sale now, something that slashes as much as half of its price on the platform now to save users some money.

Amazon Black Friday Sale 2021

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale is just one of the many price reductions to different e-commerce companies that would be releasing gadgets and items at a lower price than their original release SRP. The Black Friday sale has been a tradition and holiday that comes for people who want to save more and buy extra items from those savings.

It also is a precursor to the early holiday celebrations, where people use this opportunity to purchase gifts at a discounted price, something that would bring savings as compared to last-minute purchases. Cyber Mondays are also close, as retailers offer them for different games and accessories of the popular consoles, including that of the PlayStation 5. 

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Apple Watch SE

(Photo : Youtube/ Nikias Molina)

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The Apple Watch SE was released in 2020, the same time as the Series 6, and it is a watch that offers a budget release that focuses on an affordable wearable watch from the Cupertino giant. The Apple Watch in question is the 40mm GPS-enabled wearable that has the silver aluminum body for the device itself. 

As for the band, it would be the blue colorway that complements the color of the Watch Face. 

This is an all-time low of the Apple Watch SE that has a $60 price reduction, making it $219 upon purchase. The discount is subtracted on Amazon’s platform now. 

Fitbit Sense

(Photo : Youtube/ Hayls World)

Fitbit Sense sports watch

Another wearable smartwatch is here at a discount, and it is none other than Fitbit, particularly its Sense model that is known for being a budget watch that one can purchase for smartphone integration. 

The Fitbit Sense on Amazon is now sold at $200, from its original price of $299.99. It is a massive $100 discount for the watch and it is a massive saving for the user with the same watch with smart features including heart rate, stress management, and skin temperature. 

Fitbit Charge 5

(Photo : Image from Fitbit Website)

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If working out and a smartwatch health tracker is what you need, then the Fitbit Charge 5 is for you, as it focuses more on the active side of things, focusing on a lightweight body for the watch as it has a slim face. The Charge 5 has GPS, a Heart Rate monitor, Stress Management features, and sleep tracking for specific needs of a person. 

The Charge 5 sells for $130 from its original price of $180. 

Garmin Vivoactive 4

(Photo : Screenshot from Amazon)

Another massive price reduction is with the Garmin Vivoactive 4, a popular budget smartwatch lineup from the GPS company, Garmin, focusing on a watch that can track activity and bring device accessory features. 

The Vivoactive 4 now sells for $200, from its original price of $349.99.

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