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Bill Gates More Concerned in Eradicating Polio than Space Race

Urian B., Tech Times

With more and more billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Charles Bronson focusing their resources on space, there’s a huge question mark as to why Bill Gates has not done the same. Microsoft’s co-founder says he has his attention focused on other things like eradicating polio.

Bill Gates Shares Why He Isn’t Interested in the Space Race

Bill Gates, who is seemingly not that interested when it comes to the space race. According to the story by CNET, people should not be expecting to see Bill Gates join other billionaires when it comes to the space race.

This means that Gates will not likely be establishing a space-focused company or even heading to space himself. The billionaire is reportedly more interested in philanthropic works which includes eradicating polio by 2022.

Billionaires Participating in the Space Race

Other billionaires are heavily invested in the space race. These include Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of SpaceX, Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Blue Origin and briefly flew towards the edge of space, and Richard Branson, who beat Jeff Bezos to space by nine days with his Virgin Galactic

Bill Gates is reportedly different and told CNN that he is more concerned in working on a way to eradicate diseases on Earth instead of reaching for the stars. Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said that the space race is mostly a commercial market.

Gates Plans to Focus More on Eradicating Disease

Gates said that having great internet connection throughout Africa is a good thing. To add, using observation satellites in order to see just what’s really going on with agriculture and climate change is not really philanthropically motivating to him.

Microsoft’s co-founder said that until humanity can finally get rid of malaria, tuberculosis, and even all the terrible diseases in poor countries, this is going to be his total focus. To elaborate, Gates has had his eyes on one particular disease for a very long time now, polio.

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Investing in the Health of Africa

As per the Microsoft’s co-founder’s statement to CNN, the billionaire said that if he had one hope for 2022, it would be to ultimately eradicate what he described as an “insidious disease.” He said that this is a big and important cause to him.

The billionaire then said that if Afghanistan manages to stay stable, it would look like he would finally be able to get polio down to absolute zero. To add, Gates said that they have been working on getting rid of polio for more than 20 years in total.

As per the billionaire, it is very important to invest in the health of Africa in order for children to survive and have good nutrition, saying it’s “the future.” Bill Gates also pointed towards investing in order for children to be well educated and in order to ultimately lift up the African continent. 

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