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Best Sleep Apps for 2021, But Are They Effective?

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Sleep apps are said to help make a person rest after a long day’s work, especially as a lot of factors already affect the process of slumber due to internal and external factors present. A lot of people doubt the effectiveness of sleep apps and methods to get one’s self to fall faster for a doze to rejuvenate and help them regain energy back. 

Best Sleep Apps of 2021

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SleepCycle is an app that helps in monitoring sleep and helping a person doze off through the night through its focus on sleep tracking to study a person’s rate for future references. The data it has can help in designing the best experience for a person, and also doubles as an alarm clock. 

The app promises that the experience would help them achieve a “perfect night’s rest” for a good morning. 

Available on iPhone and Android 

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Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is not necessarily a sleep tracker, but what it brings is a variety of scientific music and sounds that can help and make a person relax. The beat it has focuses on rhythmic patterns that are used to guide a person to a deep and relaxing slumber, something that is not focused on by other products and sleep apps. 

Available on iPhone and Android 


Oura is both an app for sleeping and wearable tech that functions as a sleep tracker, as it was regarded by its creators that sleep synapses are sent through every part of the body, even the arteries on the fingers. It has a ring that can help in tracking sleep and inputting data on the application, which in turn can be used to help determine the sleep schedule of a person. 

Available on iPhone and Android. 


Calm is a meditation app that offers different features like stories, guides, sounds, and more to help a person get that good night’s sleep they seek. 

The team is known for working with researchers and experts with regards to the best possible setup or routine they can include in their application to make sleep better and more effective. The app offers a free and paid version, both available for the iOS and Android platforms. 

Calm is best known for being focused on the scientific side of sleep. 

Sleep and its 21st Century Tech

Sleep has been the massive focus of health tech applications in the recent developments made by people, contributing to the mystery of resting that a person’s body needs. Now, even beds are known to be sleep trackers and can help to give data for a person to list or acknowledge, something to provide information about the best possible solutions to different problems. 

People have even streamed their sleep on Twitch already, where a lot of users have tuned into it and watched the influencer have a doze in their bedroom. Sleep may be a big flex now, especially as not a lot can have a good night’s sleep, with some seeking different substances or activities just to get the dozy feeling during that time of the night. 

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