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Best Posture Improvement Apps to Stop You From Slouching, Having Back Pain, and MORE

Having a good body posture speaks a lot for a person who is concerned about health problems. Having said that, the complications of this condition could be felt at some period of our lives.

The most common outcome that could happen due to poor posture is back pain.

According to The Good Body, 80% of Americans will suffer from it at one time in life. Moreover, the treatment for this condition could cost them an annual payment of at least $50 billion in total.

As early as 20 years old, people can possibly experience having it. With that, it’s important to consider shifting to healthy habits such as doing exercise, maintaining an appropriate stance, and eating nutritious foods.

To get started in improving your posture, here are some of the apps that you can download to get rid of back pain.

Best Apps That Will Improve Your Posture

(Photo : Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

Are you having problems with your posture lately? Here’s how you can correct it right away through the following apps.

According to a report by Tech Stuffed, there are a few applications that you can install to track your progress towards posture improvement. You can download them on different platforms.

Perfect Posture Workout

Are you getting tired of slouching endlessly throughout the day? The Perfect Posture Workout app will be your handy companion to further develop your poor posture. The application can only be accessed by iOS users.

To get started, this app will set important reminders for you about maintaining an ideal body position. You also need to calibrate it before launching.

The process will begin when you stand against the wall. With your phone, it could track how well you improve in your activities. If you happen to slouch, it will alarm you that your posture is incorrect.

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Another amazing posture-focused app that you can access is Nekoze. In Japanese, the name of this app means “stooped.” One thing that worries some people is how they can fix their wrong posture. 

Nekoze will cover your concerns about this problem since a cartoon cat will notify you if there’s something wrong with your position. Right away, it will meow to you– a gentle reminder to fix your posture.

Once you have already fixed your poor back position, the cat will now stop creating sounds. The app offers customizability that will suit the user’s preference, in addition to several clips about muscle stretches.

At the time of writing, only MacBook users can use this application.

Lumo Back

Lumo Back offers a nice set of wearable that you can incorporate with the app. Currently, you can download it on both iPhones and Android smartphones at no additional charge.

If you want to get more serious with this posture improvement app, you have to pay for its associated technology. This device will be attached to your upper back, and it works like a flexible waistband.

The data received by the device will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Apparently, there is also a feature where you can strengthen your core and even take note of your progress as you advance.

There’s also an avatar that you can draw for yourself. It will represent you in the app. Depending on your position, the color of the avatar will be altered.

The color will become yellow if your posture is bad, but if it turns green, that’s a sign that you have been improving a lot in your position.

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