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Best PlayStation 5 Games That Will Arrive Starting from Late October 2021 to 2023

PlayStation 5 game titles keep pouring this 2021. Many games have been enhanced while others receive big changes compared to their previous versions.

It is expected that more of them will arrive in the remaining months of the year and will push through 2022 and 2023.

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Here are the most awaited PS5 games that you should check from late October 2021 to 2023.

Best PS5 Games to Launch From October 2021 and Beyond

Get your list ready for the most anticipated and biggest titles that you will meet in the next few moments. Here are the best games that you watch out for very soon.

‘Battlefield 2042’

“Battlefield” fans will have another game to play with the arrival of “Battlefield 2042” next month, November 19, according to Pocket-Lint. Game publisher EA has another trick on its sleeve for the gamers.

For the first time, PS5 players will be immersed in an unusual setting of an intense fight involving 128 participants in the servers. There’s more to come with this big PlayStation title that will tour you to classic combat with updated features.

‘Solar Ash’

Besides PC and PS4 versions, “Solar Ash” is one of the most anticipated games to arrive on the PS5 console. The creation of this game follows its successful launch of this previous title under Heart Machine.

This time, publisher Annapurna Interactive will make sure that players will have a special experience playing this bizarre game. It looks easy to play at first but you need to wait until December 2 to access this title.

Games Radar also included this game in its list for the upcoming PS5 game titles.

‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’

This October 26, Marvel fans could now have something new to explore. Your job is to lead a gang of superheroes that will save the world from destruction. Star-Lord will be the leader of the pack who will spearhead the assault against the aliens.

This single-player game from Square Enix will help you recall how it feels to become a true space warrior. Starting from its dialogues up to its visuals, it’s hard to put down the controller for this game.

Marvel fans deserve this game after a long wait for the PS5 franchise.

‘Dying Light 2’

Did you miss parkour with “Dying Light?” Now, you can travel to more locations with its upcoming sequel “Dying Light 2.” Expect massive killings and survival tactics on one of the most anticipated zombie games in PlayStation 5.

Techland will once again bring the brutal landscape that you will roam. Slay the monsters with different weapons and think of your next plan as you advance the stages.

‘God of War Ragnarok’

Kratos and Atreus, his son, will continue to traverse the mysterious paths that will lead them to the mythological kingdoms. The realms will be exposed once again as the god slayer progresses on his mission.

This time, Kratos will fight the Asgardian enemies on his way to Ragnarok. Expect to meet Thor and Loki there. The initial launch of the game is set this year. Given the problems brought by the pandemic, the developers could release this game in 2022.

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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’

Here’s another Marvel game included in our list. This expandalone game for PS5 will come with a punch. Not only could we see the newest spiderman here, but we could see Peter Parker and Miles Morales together in this one.

The featured enemy of the spider heroes will be Venom who strikes fear among the residents of the city.

The release date for this PlayStation 5 title will be in 2023. It will be a PS5 exclusive game.

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