Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the sky

Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the sky

Drone photos has soared lately, with the variety of and high quality of drone photos growing yearly. There are such a lot of photos in actual fact that drone photos even has its personal official awards programmes.

Now that almost all new drones come geared up with high-quality cameras able to capturing nice images and movies the photos are solely getting higher and higher. We are saying simpler but that is to not say it is a stroll in the park.

We have compiled a number of the Best photos we have seen in addition to a lot more from Dronestagram and the Skypixel photo contest to indicate off simply how stunning drone photos will be. train to select your jaw up off the floor.

Lotus Temple

That is actually a breath-taking view of an already awe-inspiring temple of worship. The Lotus Temple is positioned in Delhi, India and is famed for its flowerlike form. It is also a spot of surprise due to welcoming everybody – no matter non secular insight.

Two moo by Luke Bell

Luke Bell, a Cape town-based videographer and photoer, stated he took this photo on a chilly, early morning in South Africa on a farm close to Stellenbosch. “Two cows ingesting from a close-by dam caught my eye after I noticed their long shadows,” he defined. “I launched my drone to Grab the scene in a approach impossible with some other sort of digicam.”

Sunrise on mercury tower, Russia by Alexeygo

Alexey Goncharov, a 36-years-old physicist who works at Moscow State University, stated he generally takes drone photos earlier than heading into work. One morning, whereas in quest of an exquisite reflection in mirror windows of Mercury tower, he noticed industrial climbers: “I preferred the way in which their work seemed from that perspective. They appeared to clean town itself, not simply the constructing’s windows.”

The red train

This brilliantly contrasting image from the sky exhibits a incredible red train passing by means of the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland.

Concrete jungle, Dubai, EAA by Bachirm

Bachir Moukarzel, a 33-year-old Lebanese residing in Dubai, is a cluster Monetary controller in Rotana Hotels. This image was shot at sundown time in Dubai at 6pm, whereas making an attempt to Grab an space which was a desert 10 years again but is now “a concrete jungle with the very best buildings in Dubai”. He stated each flight is a brand new ride, though he has been flying for ages, as every flight “has its personal style”.

Mont Saint Michel in the fog

This breathtaking shot exhibits the well-known French monastery Mont Saint Michel bathed in stunning morning fog. This image was additionally chosen because the grand prize winner of 2018’s Skypixel contest.

A deserted college

This can be a stunning view of the countryside of the Republic of Abkhazia. It exhibits a tremendous landscape with a tragic history as that is a part of the area Where ethnic cleansings occurred in the 1990s. Individuals have been expelled from their properties, brutally murdered and persecuted. Now a damaged, deserted college stands as a homage to this tragic time.

Summer trim, France by jcourtial

Jerome Courtial, a 39-year-old Frenchman based in London, went to Valensole to get “an unique image reasonably than the classic view with the sundown in the backfloor”. His girlfriend was with him, and in an interview after being chosen because the No. 1 winner of Dronestagram’s 2017 awards, he thanked her for her endurance, as they “waited fairly a very long time to search out the right spot”. The photo ended up being his favorite image ever taken.


This astoundingly stunning image of the landscapes of Iceland is actually 12 separate images stitched into one. A superb panoramic shot of the environment with the cloud-covered mountaintops and flowing rivers reducing by means of the landscape.


This aerial image actually performs methods on the attention giving the impression of a bicycle owner mounting the facet of a skyscraper. Nigel Kwan’s image was skillfully captured utilizing a Mavic Pro.

Bathing Hippos

This image of bathing hippos gained the first place prize in Dronestagram’s 2018 drone photos awards. The photoer, Martin Sanchez, stated:

“This by far was the spotlight of my ride to Tanzania. I large hippo social gathering which was tremendous VIP. but I knew precisely how one can get in. One thing they couldn’t resist. A sport of Hungry Hungry Hippos!”

Savior on the Spilled Blood

This can be a magnificent view of a Church in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It exhibits the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. This unbelievable constructing initially started development in 1893, and reshows a romantic nationalism architectural type by Alfred Alexandrovich Parland and Archimandrite Ignaty.

Happy boats

A totally cheerful view from the rivers of Singapore exhibits canoes from above, posing able that makes them appear to be a cheerful face. After all it may very well be an accident, but it surely’s a cheerful accident whether it is.

Sunrise in Bagan

This sensible drone photo was snapped in Bagan, Myanmar by Witold Ziomek. He used a Mavic Pro Ended to snap this sensible photo of historical structure backdropped by sizzling air balloons.

Baby lobsters breeding farm

Above the waters of Vietnam, Trung Pham captured this image of the lobster farms of the Phu Yen province. The hanging colors and blend of synthetic supplies with nature make for an unbelievable {photo}.

Peace, Spain by luckydron

Luis Saguar Domingo, a 24-year-old, stated he received his drone as a show at Christmas and was in Madrid on the lookout for a pleasant place to fly the brand new drone. He feels relaxed when flying merely due to all the attractive landscapes he is capable of see, and when he took this image, he thought it was “actually cool and symmetrical”. From this standpoint, Domingo stated it’s actually “laborious taking a pic like that”.


An sad accident makes for a fairly superior aerial {photo}. A lorry has tipped over and spilt its load on the facet of the line. Ilya Martyanov seen the accident and shortly dashed out to ship his drone up for a snap. The results of which is a incredible drone {photo} of the pitfalls of recent life.

When in Rome

The Roman Colosseum is an unbelievable sight from the bottom and from most angles. It is a marvel of structure and a incredible view of our history. Simply if you thought it could not get more spectacular, alongside comes this image by Mauri Pagliai showing it in full nighttime splendor from the sky.

This image was chosen for one of many Individuals’s Selection Prizes in the Sky Pixel contest.

Thin ice

A weirdly stunning black and white {photo} that seems to indicate a vein-like sample on the ice beneath. Maybe the stays of a tree that is disappeared beneath the icy depths?

Geometry of liquid gold

Javier del Cerro captured this sensible aerial snap of the superb symmetry of the olive tree groves of Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

Next Point by Macareuxprod

Thibault Beguet, a 34-year-old photoer based in Rennes, Brittany, makes use of drones to take photos and make movies for firms, agencies, TV, and so on. This image was captured together with his girlfriend, Manon, whereas on the lookout for a enjoyable, unique, and strange method to announce they’re anticipating to family members and buddies: “We love Normandy, the ocean, and out of doors actions, so we select naturally to shoot on the Beach.”

The star fort at Bourtange

Fort Bourtange was initially inbuilt 1593 in the Netherlands to defend and management the line between Germany and town of Groningen. It has seen lots of history in the many years and centuries which have handed since and has not too long ago, reasonably fittingly been transformed right into a historic museum.

From above, Fort Bourtange is actually stunning, surrounded by defensive moats and sensible countryside.

Raising ducks by the river

in the skies above Vietnam, a drone captures ducks being raised by the native farmers. A mass of white ducks loosen up on the peaceable riverways whereas the farmer works.

Ugo le marin by Rga

Romain Gaillard stated this image was taken early in the morning. “I had gone to the Beach to take some footage,” he defined. “As I watched my youngsters enjoying on the Beach… I had the thought of utilizing the sand as a big sheet of paper. So my two sons and myself drew a scene associated to the ocean – on the image you possibly can see my oldest son.”

Woman in the wash

From the shores of Taiwan, this aerial image captures the photoer laying by the sting of the water, the whitewash of the waves mixing together with her white gown. This sensible {photo} was nominated as an expert image in the portrait class.

The photoer, Bobo, commented about this image:

“That is my Taiwan movie, Hualien’s shoreline is steep cliffs and secluded sea, steep terrain, step-by-step is the deep sea. I’ve at all times needed a particular perspective, so attempt my Best to attempt that as Mavic flies over the shoreline, I discover the waves on the coast flashes superbly between darkish gray gravel and turquoise water, darkish and light-weight. The distinction was very robust. When the waves fell towards the shore and retreated, they confirmed an unlimited and euphemistic form, reminding me of the tail End of the whale, and completed the work. I pressed the shutter when the spray and the skirt have been handed over to make the skirt and the ocean wave mix collectively and have a way of extension, leaving the work with an attachment and the same area. With this concept, I shot a series of compositions in several kinds repeatedly. The entire course of was very thrilling. Sadly, it was a cloudy day. Whether it is sunny, the general colour of the works might be much more attractive.”

Stylish symmetry

This easy photo wasn’t snapped as excessive in the sky as a number of the others on our listing, but that is does not make it nice. The view of rows and rows of vines stretching off so far as the attention can see look incredible. Much more so with the sensible symmetry.

Night line

This image exhibits a Chinese fisherman working in the waters, plying their commerce. This image was one among a series of equally stunning images captured above the waters.


Dolphins are superior, aren’t they? Much more so if you get to see them like this at home of their pure habitat in extremely crystal clear waters off the coast of Western Australia.

Tatahatso Point

This sensible image exhibits Tatahatso Point on the Grand Canyon. A well-liked photos spot, but not usually seen from the sky.

Lighthome of Smgen

A wonderfully timed {photo} of a lighthome in Sweden exhibits the Sun setting by means of the highest. The sensible red of the tip shining brightly for all to see. An empty horizon stretches off into the backfloor. Brilliantly easy, splendidly framed and incredible use of a Mavic Pro.

Novo Mesto,Slovenia

This unbelievable sight is seen in the town of Novo Mesto, close to the border of Croatia. A lush inexperienced landscape, winding river and close-knit neighborhood will be simply seen from the sky.

Icelandic waterfall

An exquisite Mavic Pro photo of the landscapes of Iceland and one of many many ice-encrusted waterfalls seen throughout the landscapes.


This is not only a small jetty into stunning waters. It is also an aerial view of a lighthome on the coast of Yalta. The waters are literally the Black Sea. This impressively excessive photo makes the lighthome seem tiny too. Which is not any imply feat.


This aerial {photo} was captured at 1,500 toes above the rivers of Iceland. The swooping strains show the fantastic thing about nature and this image is a part of a series of equally magnificent snaps with the same theme.

Inle Lake fishing show

This image highlights the show the fishermen placed on for tourists on the Inle Lake in Burma, but truly reshows their conventional fishing methods in motion. The aerial view taken with the DJI Mavic Pro is actually one thing particular and sure very totally different to the view often seen by folks visiting the lake.

The photoer commented:

“Myanmar’s Inu River, the classic and distinctive fishing methods, attracting numerous tourists to look at, and now has grow to be a show.”

This image captured with a DJI Phantom four and exhibits the docks of the Yantian District, China. This photo is a part of a series of stunning images of staff caring for the docks and sustaining the surfaces.

Anchang town more goods

This image exhibits an outdated town round twisting waterways. This town is understood for its produce, but it surely’s now additionally recognized for its views. This aerial image is a part of a set captured utilizing the DJI Spark a small but clearly succesful drone.

Zeng Xinmin commented about this image:

“Anchang Historical town is among the 4 well-known historical cities in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province is the first batch of revealed historic and cultural cities. Was constructed in the Northern Track Dynasty, after the struggle, repeatedly burned, and rebuilt in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the architectural type inherits the everyday traits of Jiangnan Water Village, a water, easy and chic, its speciality Anchang sausage, or “sauce” The poultry meat, and so on. Solely you can’t consider, there isn’t any Anchang “wax”, “sauce” can’t. It’s the hometown of Shaoxing Grasp.”

A lion’s eye view

The king of the jungle can also be good fodder for a incredible aerial snap. This sensible image exhibits a lion disturbed by the sounds of the drone, but not put out by its presence. Not usually you get to soundly view a wild animal on this method until you occur to be hiding in a close-by tree.

Santa Maddalena village, Italy

This unbelievable photo exhibits the attractive inexperienced hills and environment of Santa Maddalena in Italy. A brilliantly vibrant shot of nature made doable by a man-made drone.

Fireplace and ice

One other sensible Mavic Pro photo. This time from Yellowstone National Park in the US. The icy floor beneath exhibits sensible colors as sizzling sulfur water finds its approach by means of the snow.

The long ride

This photo is actually the results of a lot of totally different images stitched collectively to create the tip end result. This stitching gives the look of a bending world that stretches off into infinity. We have seen this type earlier than and should say it is a fairly superior method to Grab drone photos.

Jesper Guldbrand gives a bit more insight:

“This series is named “Thoughts bending” and is shot throughout 2017 in several areas of Sweden. Falun is a superb metropolis for mountain biking. This photo exhibits it. 20 images stitched collectively. A course of that took about 1.5 months.”

The land of the Earth

This image is part of a set of photos showing the injury industrial waste has Ended to the landscape. Though showing waves of stunning color, these aerial photos truly display the injury mankind has Ended to the world we inhabit.

“The speedy growth of human civilization has brought a series of damaging results. The setting is polluted and the ecology is destroyed. At current, the established order of air pollution in the earth could be very harsh, forming a staggering “earth 殇”! Mankind should mirror on the triumphant business growth model, actually implement the coverage of remodeling the event mode and obtain sustainable social and financial growth. Face the devastation of the earth, eternally scars. Environmental air pollution have to be managed, in any other case, there might be no full earth. With out safety of the setting, mankind will perish. Summary images can as an alternative higher specific the environmental impression of business air pollution. Though these industrial pollution-related environments, particulars and hues can produce a Stunning appeal, the looks doesn’t symbolize the essence of spectacular vibrant footage could also be very ugly nature, it’s soiled, very evil. Human beings are wealthy in invention and creativity. They’ll additionally create a particular visible magnificence in the course of of business air pollution and destruction of nature. The writer recorded the destroyed land in aerial photos. This group of photos (18) 2017 shot in a mine tailings.”

Not a small Hong Kong island

Like a scene out of Inception, this drone photo captured with a Phantom four Pro exhibits a dream-like view of Hong Kong. A set of 43 photos was simply to create this superb view and it is actually spectacular.

A bird’s eye view of Lombard Road, San Francisco

Most individuals will be capable to establish this because the well-known Lombard Road – reportedly “the crookedest road on the planet”. This windy Road is actually iconic and this drone photo is equally incredible.

Autumn fragrance

Taken in the skies of China, a lot of magnificent photos have been snapped by this skilled photoer utilizing a DJI Phantom four Pro. Considered one of these images exhibits the agricultural villages and the laborious work that goes into reaping the crop of fruit. This aerial view was chosen because the runner-up in the skilled story class. We might extremely advocate testing the remainder of the photos too.

The photoer commented:

“Autumn season is the season of harvest, stuffed with golden fruit is the earth’s contribution to the laborious work of mankind.”

Central Park in the winter

New York Metropolis actually sees some common snowfall. Town’s park appears unbelievable from this angle – much more so when sprinkled in wintery snow.

Where we’re going we do not need roads

Roads, roads, so many roads. but who needs roads when you possibly can fly? Actually not this drone.

A lonesome home

in the dusty plains, a lonely home sits surrounded by nothing but mud, brush and the occasional tree. The buildings casting magnificent shadows throughout the land.

Lovely Yantian

This image captured with a DJI Phantom four and exhibits the docks of the Yantian District, China. This photo is a part of a series of stunning images of staff caring for the docks and sustaining the surfaces.

Above the polar bear

The Grand Prize winner of 2017’s Skypixel awards, captured utilizing a Phantom four Pro, exhibits a lone polar bear leaping throughout the icy landscapes. photoer Florian Ledoux, captioned his image:

“Expensive future technology, I hope we’ll nonetheless be capable to see the Arctic wildlife as we do now. It’s threatened because the setting is altering. I used to be capable of witness many scenes of wildlife and I can assure you that is probably the most stunning factor I’ve ever seen. Unimaginable and distinctive shot above a polar bear in Nunavut, Baffin space throughout wildlife reportage in Nunavut and Greenland.”

Lost in the sand dunes

Close to the Grand Staircase National monument space in Utah, Marc Lamey snapped this image utilizing a DJI Phantom four Pro. The topic of his photo curled up on the nice and cozy sands beneath.

Raising ducks by the river

in the skies above Vietnam, a drone captures ducks being raised by the native farmers. A mass of white ducks loosen up on the peaceable riverways whereas the farmer works.

Waterlily, Vietnam by helios1412

A fantastic shot from above the waterways of Vietnam exhibits a lone employee wading deep in the water.

Sun’s Up, Nets Out

This snap exhibits a fisherman on his boat on the waters of Inle Lake. This gifted man is just not solely rowing his boat together with his leg, but additionally managing to catch fish on the similar time. A superb {photo}, effectively deserving of the prize.

“An Intha fisherman units up his web to fish as he paddles his boat with a singular leg-rowing approach in Mayanmar’s Inle Lake”

Ice formation By Florian

Florian Ledoux, a 27-year-old who not too long ago moved to Reykjavik to get nearer to the Arctic, began to {photo} in Greenland in 2014 to “report modifications in Inuit tradition and to witness the fantastic thing about this enormous land”. This photo was taken throughout winter in East Greenland – one of the crucial distant place on Earth. He stated he tried to fly right here a number of instances, and that his drone received attacked by two Gyrfalcon.

Grab the fall’s tail

One other breath-taking aerial {photo} captured on the Phantom four Pro exhibits the fantastic reds of the fall bushes.

Infinite Road by Calin Stan

Calin Stan, a 30-year-old who has labored in the photos enterprise for greater than a decade and owns his personal enterprise, stated his drone image is of the Cheia DN1A Road that takes you to Transylvania in Romania. Or, because the legend says, that is the view that “Rely Dracula himself noticed on his nocturnal flight”, Stan defined. He truly first captured the image for the Transylvania Roads Challenge.

The Lost island

Who does not dream of this view? A peaceable sight on a deserted island, stunning calm waters stretching off into the gap and a good distance from the hubbub of town life. This view was caught utilizing a DJI Phantom and a GoPro Hero three Black whereas hovering over the French Polynesian island of Taha’a. Superb.

Comet into darkness

in the early hours of the morning, in Newfoundland Canada, an expert drone photoer despatched his drone as much as see what he might see on the waters. A fishing boat approaching the shore is flocked by seagulls, little doubt making an attempt to snag a simple catch of their very own.

“Considered one of my favorite images. An early morning in Newfoundland, I used to be climbing on the East Coast Path after I heard a bunch of seagulls. I shortly launched my drone to find-out what was making the mayhem. It was a small cod fishing boat steaming in direction of the harbour, a very magical second.”

Kwinana Beach

An incredible aerial view of the staggeringly stunning seashores of Kwinana, Western Australia. This image is a part of a set of equally staggering images by Amphotoco which can be posted to Dronestagram. We love them and now have a determined urge to go to the nation.

Whale shark and tourists

in the waters of La Paz Bay, Mexico lots of of juvenile whale sharks come to eat and frolic yearly. This image captures some tourists taking a dip with the magnificent creatures.


This brilliantly easy image was captured on a DJI Mavic Pro and exhibits a dancer in the centre of an historical courtyard in Shanghai, China.

“Shanghai’s solely almost 190-year-old courtyard home with northern options isn’t seen in the south, Where dancers dance not solely skirts but additionally outdated Shanghai reminiscences”

Daily Geometry byPetra Leary

If you are going to have an inventory of the perfect drone photos round, it solely appears truthful to incorporate an actual award winner. These images are a part of a series referred to as “Daily Geometry” by award-winning aerial photoer Petra Leary. This assortment of photos noticed the aerial photos grasp chosen for the shortlist of the Zeiss Images Award 2019. Sensible strains, daring eye-catching colors and superb symmetry from easy town locales.

Waterfall hero

A lone man is captured diving over the waterfall. This brilliantly timed photo exhibits a Guinness World File holder Ending up his ardour.

“He’s over sixty, he’s the world report holder for the Guinness waterfall diving. In China’s well-known spout of the Yellow River and the good falls of the water tower in Heilongjiang province, he stunned the world together with his leap. in the air, his motion stretches the attractive. Freeze the second of the shock, take this leap into eternity.”


A lone man is captured wading by means of the desert sands in the depths of China. The image was submitted to the Skypixel awards with the caption:

“It was shot in the Tengger Desert, an outside sportsman strolling laborious in the desert on foot, with the footsteps of deeper and deeper, is not going to be caught?”


Saksun is a small village positioned in the northwestern a part of the Faroese island of Streymoy. The village is surrounded by splendid landscapes with breath-taking views of nature. This superb view of the native church was captured by Ian Montgomery utilizing his Mavic Pro and submitted to the Sky Pixel contest.

Balmoral Ball

This aerial image of the basketball courts of Auckland exhibits splendidly contrasting colors and sensible symmetry from the skies. This image by Petra Leary, gained first prize in the skilled portrait class in 2017’s Skypixel awards.

The Sun is busy

This drone photo exhibits an aerial view of staff drying noodles on numerous racks. The photoer captioned the image:

“On October 5, 2017, villagers in Xiashi town, Kaili Metropolis, Guizhou Province, have been busy drying noodles.”

End of the line, USA by Martin Sanchez

Martin Sanchez stated he took this photo on a Saturday afternoon in April simply earlier than sundown in New Jersey. He seen an empty tennis court docket that “simply stood out like a treasured story in a e-book of empty phrases”. After a couple of takes, two folks got here by to play some tennis and appeared confused watching him lay on the bottom. When he was Ended, he confirmed them his photo they usually stated, “Ohhhh! I get it!”

Basilica del Voto Nacional

An incredible sun-bathed view of the Basilica del Voto Nacional, a Roman Catholic church that dominates the horizon of Quito, Ecuador. The superb church was blessed by the Pope in 1985 and is among the Best sights of the world. It additionally makes for a formidable drone photo as Alex Javier proved with this snap utilizing his Phantom four Pro.

Baby lobsters breeding farm

Above the waters of Vietnam, Trung Pham captured this image of the lobster farms of the Phu Yen province. The hanging colors and blend of synthetic supplies with nature make for an unbelievable {photo}.

The rebirth

From Sardinia, Italy, this aerial image gained third prize in the skilled portrait class of 2017’s Skypixel awards with a easy caption:

“Now you are going to be witness to the rebirth of humanity.”

La Vijanera, Spain by feelingmovie

Javier Bustamante, a 32-year-old designer, stated he took this photo whereas at La Vijanera, a winter carnival that takes place in the town of Silió in Cantabria (Spain) on the first Sunday of every 12 months. “This social gathering consists on a bunch of hunters who wish to Grab a bear,” he defined. “(Sic) Tour the village reshowing the Grab of the bear… This photo is the tip of the social gathering wherein the bear is captured.”