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Best Basketball Games on Android | From 'NBA' to Other Hoop Titles

Basketball games on Android are often overlooked by a lot of users, especially with the popularity of MOBA and role-playing games. There’s a lot of players who love testing sports-related game titles because they are a fan of a team or a star athlete.

Having said that, it’s still good to consider that ball games are part of the culture, especially for sports savvy fans. Moreover, EA has been consistent in its release, specifically with the launch of the “NBA” games.

Whether you are a basketball fan or not, these games with different gameplays are worth your time. Here’s our list of the best basketball games that you can play on Android.

Check These Basketball Games on Android

(Photo : Klara Kulikova from Unsplash)

Here’s our list of the best basketball games that you can play on Android this year.

‘Dude Perfect 2’

Basketball fans know the game’s intensity, especially when playing “Dude Perfect,” one of the most popular b-ball games for this year. If you are aiming for challenges involving high-accuracy shots, this game is the best for you.

The game presents mechanics similar to other titles. You can control your ball through various buttons. Your goal is to shoot the ball through the given obstacles, as per Amico Hoops. 

Somehow, this is not only a game of wits and strategy, but “Dude Perfect 2” will help you cool off after a stressful day. You get to unlock characters and other in-game tasks.

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‘Swipe Basketball’

If you are tired of playing basic basketball players involving two user-controlled teams, “Swipe Basketball” will offer unique mechanics. It’s mostly suited for those who love playing on single mode.

UPlay created this game with no opponent or whatsoever. The only enemy that you will face is yourself.

From its first word, “Swipe,” you will be tasked to swipe the ball into the hoop using your fingertips. In addition, you need a perfect release to shoot the ball in the ring. You should score as many points as you can give the limited time, according to The Inside Gamer.

The basketball game features more levels as you advance. The higher your level, the harder the challenge. Regardless if you are young or just young at heart, this game is playable by all people who have Android devices.

‘NBA 2K Mobile’

The list will not be complete without the game titles linked to the most popular basketball association in the world. For dedicated hoop fans, “NBA 2K Mobile Basketball” is a rare gem in the field of sports games.

It does not feature the same mechanics as the previous titles since “NBA 2K Mobile” has a story mode for your own character. It even boasts rich gameplay, which resembles the real-life journey of a rookie.

There’s a lot to discover in this game, including the most popular teams and basketball superstars that you always see on the television. Overall, the impressive graphics make it unique compared to the rest of the basketball-themed games on Android.

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