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Backbone One Gaming Controller for Android is Coming But There’s a Catch for iPhone Exclusive

Backbone One is coming for the Android smartphones, and it would bring one of the best gaming controller experiences initially exclusive for the iPhone to its rival operating system devices. However, this arrival for the Android platform has a catch, and this is something that may become a hindrance for users to buy this, but performance is still what the company aims to deliver. 

Backbone One for Android is Coming

(Photo : Backbone)

Backbone One is allowing its device to be used for Android devices (theoretically) for the first time since it has released the gaming controller, initially meant for iOS devices only. The update of the controller was released for this week only, particularly earlier today, Thursday, for people to enjoy. 

Additionally, the device can also connect to different platforms like the PC via its Bluetooth wireless feature for gaming, even on macOS devices. The integration of Backbone One to multiple devices makes it a controller meant for different functions and platforms, something to better the gaming experience with the likes of Android.

Backbone is known for being a startup that focuses itself on cloud and portable gaming for platforms like the PlayStation Remote Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Steam Link, and more. 

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Backbone One Android: The Catch

There is a catch, though, and according to The Verge, it would require a cord for the device like a Lightning to USB cable for it to work. Also, the user needs to have a Backbone Plus subscription for this to function. The Verge said that its function with the Android is theoretical and is not yet a confirmed function. 

This is because the Backbone One has a Lightning connector built on the device.

Gaming Controllers for Android

Gaming controllers are here to make the experience of users better and more optimized as they pair up with games that are compatible to be toggled and accessed using an external device. Most popular gaming controllers are focused on console and PC platforms, but they are also available on smartphone devices that have a gaming niche. 

The Xbox and PlayStation consoles are among the modern basis of gaming controllers with two joysticks, a D-Pad, four function buttons, and another four bumper and trigger buttons. This has been the basis for Android and other smartphones in the market, bringing the feel of console and PC gaming for the handheld device. 

Gadgets like the Razer Kishi and Backbone One have provided a controller that is readily integrated into these devices, especially now that the latter has something to bring for Android devices. These devices can help improve smartphone gaming, as it extends more of the screen for the person to see its visuals and give its hands better control for the said game. 

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