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Baby Monitoring Sock from Owlett to Stop Selling Because of FDA Warning, Wearable Tech to Continue Support

Owlet is now going to stop selling its baby monitoring sock wearable tech devices because of a recent warning from the FDA, especially as the company began selling before its approval. The FDA did not issue a recall from them, but the company has voluntarily halted its sale to adhere to the governing body but would continue its support for these devices already bought.

Owlet to Stop Selling Baby Wearable Tech to Adhere to the FDA

(Photo : Owlet Care)

Owlet has been here for a long time now, being considered as some of the best Newborn apps or wearables to help in parenthood. However, it is now pulling out of the market with its wearable baby monitoring sock as it received a warning from the FDA regarding its sale on the market without the proper approval. 

The monitoring company is not aggressive or in conflict with the FDA, and it is adhering to the health agency regarding its callout for its products on the market. Owlet would still seek the approval of the regulatory committee and still bring its products in the future, especially those that help in monitoring the little ones.

It is important to note that for existing users of Owlet’s sock, the company would continue its support for the apps and devices. 

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FDA Issues a Warning on Owlett for Selling Monitoring Tech Without Approval

Last October, an amendment by the US FDA has flagged Owlet for its sale of the monitoring technology it has without the agency’s approval of its distribution and public use. Nevertheless, the flagging of the FDA is because of the focus of the device as a detecting technology that can see personal information from the infants, which needs approval from them. 

Wearable Tech for Adults: What Are These? 

Wearable techs were mostly made for the majority of the population which are young adults to adults, and its sizes are not for small children or infants as they have a growing bone structure that has not yet developed. The most popular wearable tech now includes that of the Apple Watch, especially as it also doubles as a medical partner for all monitoring needs. 

Essentially, the accessory can also act as a monitoring tool for adults, but the data can be controlled and monitored by them alone. The popularity of the smartwatches of the modern age helps in bringing the monitoring to a person, especially as it is not that widely considered by some to have different safety precautions brought with them or are not that much into consulting with doctors. 

Wearable tech should be for all ages, including infants that would help in their safety and health tracking to be at the possession of the parents at all times. This would also help in making a parent complacent and feel safe with doing other stuff they need to focus on, with a baby monitor that is wearable and can detect a lot, with its only problem now is its FDA approval. 

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