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Are You Looking for a WhatsApp Alternative? Utopia Is Your Best Bet

(Photo : Are You Looking for a WhatsApp Alternative? Utopia Is Your Best Bet)

In 2021, WhatsApp, the most popular messenger globally, has updated its terms of service and privacy policy. When launching the messenger, users began to receive notifications asking them to agree to the new rules. 

Users can postpone making a decision, and it is not yet known exactly when everyone will need to make their choice. However, that day is coming. In this case, all those who have not adopted the new policy will no longer be able to use the messenger.

By the way, the changes have already caused a wave of discontent. As a result, some alternatives to WhatsApp such as Utopia P2P have announced an influx of new users.

In addition, this is not the only WhatsApp fail over the past year – the privacy of this messenger has long been in question.

So why should you follow the example of many and choose an alternative messenger, Utopia P2P, and forget about WhatsApp forever? Read the reasons in the article. 

WhatsApp alternative: True comparison of Utopia P2P vs. WhatsApp

When comparing two messengers, you need to start from the very beginning – namely, the installation and registration in the messenger. 

  • Installation and registration

When installing the WhatsApp messenger, it asks you to confirm your phone number, import existing contacts, and, importantly, consent to the processing of personal data.

A logical question arises: how safe is it to provide such wide access to personal information to a regular application?

As for Utopia P2P, it is a lightning fast decentralized messenger based on 3rd generation P2P technology, with such features as private communication, data transfer, browsing, anonymous payments, and much more in one place. It is not regulated by third parties, no central servers are involved, and it does not collect the personal data of users.

Therefore, no one exercises control over the correspondence or online actions of users because the messenger is developed on P2P technology and even the developers can’t get hold of any data about users.

All registration is anonymous: you do not need to enter a name, phone number, email, or any other personal data. No one knows the real data and location of any particular user.

Utopia is a superior WhatsApp alternative that has advantages in the form of anonymity and data confidentiality.

  • Features and benefits

Now, let’s point out the main features and benefits of each messenger. 

WhatsApp is quite multifunctional and allows you not only to conduct text dialogues but also make various calls: voice or video. Besides, it is possible to create group chats with conference calls.

You can even broadcast messages to multiple people and share special moments or words using a status section, similar to Facebook or Instagram Stories. Plus, it offers free backup for third-party providers such as iCloud and Google Drive. But these backups are not encrypted, which poses a privacy risk.

As for Utopia P2P, the built-in messenger, uMessenger, ensures fast, secure, and anonymous messaging between users. In addition, it has text and voice chat with voice-changing ability, private and public chat creation, branded sticker packs, and even the ability to create channels for sharing thoughts and events without censorship or moderation. Each user can create a blog, and mark it on the uMap so that interested users can find it. 

Also, it is a good tool for transferring data or sharing pictures because all media files are sent and received in high resolution. All files that are transmitted via uMessenger are always available for viewing. They are stored in the secure and encrypted private containers in Utopia.

Utopia P2P is an independent and secure place for your online experience. This is a whole security ecosystem with functionality that exceeds WhatsApp.

  • Security and encryption

The next point is security. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect all types of data used in the app. The algorithm and encryption keys of the messenger make it impossible to decrypt messages transmitted by users and, according to WhatsApp management, do not allow third-parties and even government intelligence agencies to intercept calls and read user correspondence.

However, experts in the field of cybersecurity argue that this is not entirely true. End-to-end encryption makes WhatsApp more secure than other instant messaging programs. However, like any application, WhatsApp is often the target of experienced hackers. In addition, there is information indicating that WhatsApp moderators can view users’ messages if they need them.

By agreeing to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, you will voluntarily give the messenger access to your contacts list and the ability to track your online activity; that is, in which places (geolocation) and how long you use WhatsApp.

As for Utopia P2P, the main component of protection is decentralization. The messenger is based on a peer-to-peer architecture, which excludes using a single protocol for data storage. Instead, each user has their own crypto container.

User data is protected by multi-level cryptographic encryption based on Curve25519 algorithms, XSalsa20 stream cipher and MAC Poly1305. The messenger’s storage is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. Utopia is based on closed code because this can exclude any attempts to discredit the ecosystem, as well as data leaks.

To some extent, WhatsApp puts your privacy and the integrity of your personal information at risk. And in the modern world, personal data is a valuable commodity, especially among various scammers and annoying advertisers. Therefore, the methods of encryption and user security that Utopia uses are the most reliable and secure.

  • Outsiders and state influence

WhatsApp was created by commercial company that cooperates with the government. As already mentioned, WhatsApp collects and stores information about all your online activity through the app. And although the WhatsApp management verbally denies its politicization and the possibility of interaction with the authorities of different countries, several facts confirm that the popular messenger transmitted user data to the secret services at their request.

Meanwhile, Utopia is an entirely free messenger, which is not regulated by outsiders and is impossible to put pressure on, and it is completely free of censorship, advertising, and surveillance of users. It was created by independent developers who were not financed from outside but supported the financial side of the project independently.

Now, Utopia is a large community of like-minded people who focus on online security and data privacy.

Conclusion: Is Utopia P2P a secure WhatsApp alternative?

WhatsApp collects a large amount of data that Facebook is going to transmit. This data can help identify you with a high degree of accuracy. In this way, you can be tracked while working on the internet.

Utopia does not receive any personal information for user registration, and it is built on multi-level encryption, the details of which are not disclosed for security reasons. In addition, there is no secret record of user data that could be used to violate privacy or track user actions on the internet. No one is monitoring or tracking users in the messenger.

WhatsApp alternative Utopia P2P is a convenient and secure instant messaging tool. However, despite all the functions for messaging, Utopia is also a built-in package of tools for full-fledged work on the network. 

Utopia P2P is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Therefore, the choice is obvious.

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