Archero guide: Best heroes, skills, skills, tier lists, and more!

We've put together the ultimate Archero guide, including the best equipment, weapons, abilities, heroes, tier lists, and other useful tips and advice!

Archero guide: Best heroes, skills, skills, tier lists, and more!

Archero guide: Best heroes, skills, skills, tier lists, and more!

Archero is a deceptively easy game, but pushing into new chapters may be very troublesome without the best guide. That can assist you progress we’ve put together this Archero guide, masking all the pieces from basic gameplay to hero and talent tier lists for learners and veterans alike.

Whereas this text serves as a common function Archero guide stuffed with helpful ideas and methods, we’ve put together two different guides which you’ll be able to see under. without additional ado, right here’s all the pieces you must find out about Archero gameplay, heroes, skills, skills, and more!

How to dodge enemy attacks

The very very first thing you’ll have to grasp in Archero is dodging enemy attacks. Dealing more harm may help you end ranges more quickly, but if you run out of health it’s game over!

The large tip right here is to keep your eyes in your hero. You may be tempted to go searching the display screen or observe particular attacks, but this can be a mistake. In case you are specializing in a single bullet, the chances of getting hit by one other are a lot increased than if you watch your personal character, particularly as things get more hectic in later ranges.

Keep your movements as short as possible.

Once you do transfer, attempt to keep your movements as tight as possible. A short swipe is commonly all it takes. When you keep on and run all the best way throughout the display screen, you’re more prone to run into a number of bullets and quickly deplete your HP.

Clearly, as you play you will also be taught the assault patterns of enemies, which makes dodging a lot simpler. Additionally, sure kinds of Archero tools and skills can enhance the stat known as dodge (inflicting attacks that hit you to sometimes miss), but you must by no means depend on this. Studying the right way to transfer your character successfully pays big dividends in a while.

Archero devil: How to summon and when to skip

The Archero devil is the one strategy to entry sure powerful skills (together with duplicate multishots, via the wall, and further life), though they are going to come at a big worth to your most HP. but earlier than we get into that, you must first know the right way to summon him.

To ensure an appearance from the Archero devil after a boss combat, you must beat the boss without getting hit by any attacks. He should seem if you do get hit, but more often than not it can spawn the spinning wheel as an alternative.

As soon as he does seem, you must resolve whether or not it’s worth it to sacrifice a proportion of your max HP for a single potential. In case your max HP is already low, you might open your self as much as a fast loss of life from hard-hitting opponents. For pretty run-of-the-mill skills you might wish to move.

Guarantee a devil appearance by defeating the boss without getting hit.

We’ve got a full Archero potential tier record later on this guide, but as a common rule you must always take additional life and attempt to take via the wall and water strolling the place possible. These final two not solely make it a lot simpler to dodge attacks, in addition they enhance harm by 15%.

It’s worth mentioning that there are conditions the place you don’t wish to summon the Archero devil. When you don’t wish to sacrifice max HP or are attempting to farm up gems, take a success simply earlier than ending the boss to cut back its probability of spawning.

Angels: skills or health?

Not like the Archero devil, angels provide two good decisions each time you meet them. One is a minor potential or max HP enhance, and the opposite is uncooked therapeutic.

Though the skills on provide aren’t very powerful, always attempt to seize them whenever you arrive at an angel. They add up in the long term, and you may always choose up more therapeutic purple hearts in later phases.

The most important exception is when you’re very low on health. When you assume you may die, by all means the therapeutic is a better option. That stated, if you’ve managed to gather an additional life potential your health might be absolutely restored anyway.

Archero talent guide

Archero skills are by far one of the crucial elements of progressing within the game. Not solely can they supply stat bonuses you’ll be able to’t get anyplace else like enhanced tools bonuses and therapeutic upon stage up, these bonuses persist throughout each Archero hero and run.

You can’t select which skills to unlock, but they do unlock in a specific order. Your first improve will unlock glory, which is well the best talent within the game. It supplies a single potential at the beginning of every run, which may be game-changing for boss heavy areas like chapter 7. Not like different skills, it maxes out at stage one.

Coins spent on skills are always well spent.

Different Archero skills max out at stage 10, and are unlocked in a particular order. The precise order doesn’t actually matter, but you must attempt to improve 22 instances as quickly as possible, as this unlocks the ultimate talent: time reward. It will build up Coins and scrolls over time, even whenever you’re not enjoying the game!

As a common rule although, you’ll be able to by no means go unsuitable upgrading Archero skills. Take into account them Coins well invested in your development. To see a full record of skills and after they’ll be unlocked, try this spreadsheet created by the Archero group.

Archero hero mode: Is it worth it?

Hero mode is a tougher game mode that unlocks early within the game. In it, every stage is stuffed with more obstacles and spikes, and a few enemies are considerably stronger.

Regardless of this, the rewards are precisely the identical as regular mode. When you’re simply seeking to farm Coins and gems, there isn’t any motive to run hero mode over regular mode.

That stated, hero mode does have its personal clear rewards, so you must nonetheless attempt to clear every chapter as soon as to gather them. Simply don’t make it a precedence.

Archero gem spending guide

Gems are the most valuable useful resource in Archero, so you need to be cautious about spending them. Earlier than you beginning shelling out for short-term offers on tools and scrolls, you must know that there are a lot better things to save lots of up for.

the best things to purchase with gems are heroes. Two of the three Archero heroes that you could buy with gems are high tier (Helix and Meowgik), but they worth 1500 and 1800 gems, respectively. It could actually take a number of weeks to farm up sufficient gems for only one of those heroes, but it’s greater than worth it.

When you’ve picked up these two heroes, the best use of gems is tools chests. Saving up for the Obsidian Chest x10 is clearly the best worth, but it may be troublesome to save lots of 2600 gems. Another choice is opening particular person Obsidian Chests, which offer a reduction on subsequent opens. Because of this by saving a more affordable 840 gems you’ll be able to open three Obsidian Chests in a row.

Best Archero hero

Any Archero guide wouldn’t be full without speaking about heroes. Subsequent to your weapon, the Archero hero that you simply choose can have the most important affect in your gameplay. This additionally signifies that like weapons, the best Archero hero for you’ll rely largely in your preferences.

Nonetheless, some heroes have more potential than others. We’ve dropped a full Archero hero tier record under (listed so as of power), but you’ll be relieved to know that a few of the finest Archero heroes may be unlocked without spending any real-world Coins.

Pros Cons
Meowgik -Passive attacks can pass through walls
-High base stats and growth values
-Can be unlocked for free
-Takes time to save up 1800 gems
Sylvan -Very high base stats
-Best growth values in the game
-Elemental attacks increase base damage
-Costs (a lot of) real money
Helix -Rage ability is always useful
-High base HP
-Fairly easy to unlock
-Takes time to save up 1500 gems
Phoren -Flame effect boosts damage
-Unlockable with only coins
-Low base stats
-Spending coins delays other upgrades
Rolla -Highest base attack in the game
-Growth values and bonuses favor attack
-Costs real money
-Freeze can throw off attack patterns
Taranis -Solid base stats and growth rate
-Lightning effect boosts damage
-Easily the worst hero that costs gems
Bonnie -High base stats and growth values -Costs real money
-Skill not useful against bosses
Onir -High base stats and growth values -Holy effect is situational at best
-Costs money
-Easily the worst pay-to-play hero
Urasil -Unlocked for free in chapter 2 -Low base stats and growth values
Atreus -Starting hero -Low base stats and growth values
-No ability

Best Archero abilities/skills

The ultimate factor we’ll contact on on this basic Archero guide are skills (or skills). Which skills you choose up in any given run can have a significant impact in your possibilities of success. Just a few fortunate choices early in a run can set you up for a simple downhill trip to the tip of the chapter.

Whereas there are undoubtedly good and dangerous Archero skills, preferrred decisions will depend upon the weapon you’re utilizing. Twister, for instance, has a built-in pierce and bouncy wall impact, so including these skills once more will truly scale back total harm.

Right here is a simple Archero potential tier record, focusing simply on the skills which can be worth selecting up. Others excluded from the record, like spirit assault boosts, meteors, sword skills, and good, are typically not worth prioritizing in any scenario. Once more although, private preferences play a giant position, so give attention to what you get pleasure from utilizing.

Tier Ability Effect Notes
SSS Multishot -Adds an extra attack
-Reduces damage by 10%
-Reduces attack speed by 15%
-Top tier
-Duplicates can be obtained from the devil
SSS Extra Life -Revives hero at 100% HP upon death -Only obtained from devil
-Always pick this up
SSS Rage -Increases damage by a percentage of missing health -Always pick this up
-Helix starts with this ability
SS Front Arrow -Adds an extra arrow shooting forward
-Reduces base damage by 25%
-Excellent choice for most weapons
-Do not pick up with stalker staff
SS Wingman -Pets block incoming projectiles -Best defensive ability
-All pets have the same hitbox
SS Invincibility Star -Become invincible for two seconds every 10 seconds -Great defensive option in all chapters
SS Slow Projectile -Slows down enemy projectices -Great defensive option
SS Ricochet -Projectiles bounce to up to three enemies
-Damage reduced by 30% per bounce
-Great for clearing hordes of enemies
-Pick this up early to speed up any run
S Dwarf -Increase crit rate by 10%
-Decrease character size
-Makes it easier to dodge enemy attacks
S Pierce -Projectiles pass through enemies
-Damage reduced by 33% per enemy
-Slightly worse than ricochet, but still good
-Do not pick up with tornado, as it reduces damage
S Bouncy Wall -Projectiles bounce off of walls
-Damage reduced by 50% per bounce
-Great for chapters with many obstacles
-Do not pick up with tornado, as it reduces damage
S Diagonal Arrows -Fires two additional arrows diagonally -Very strong, especially with stalker staff
-Synergizes well with bouncy wall
S Attack Boost, Attack Speed Boost, and HP Boost -Increases damage by 30%, attack speed by 25%, or max HP by 20%
-Damage and attack speed are additive bonuses
-Attack speed boost is generally the best choice
-First pick up of attack boost and attack speed boost offer the biggest increase
S Crit Master -Crit chance increased by 10%
-Crit damage increased by 40%
-Synergizes well with brave bow
-Gets stronger the more you pick up
S Dodge Master and Agility -Increases dodge by 20% (Dodge Master)
-Increases dodge by 0.3% per 1% missing health (Agility)
-Good passive defensive options
-Synergizes well with dodge equipment
A Rear Arrows and Side Arrows -Shoots one arrow backwards (rear arrows)
-Shoots one arrow to each side (side arrows)
-Synergizes well with bouncy wall
-Great choice with stalker staff
A Elemental abilities -Adds elemental effect to your arrows
-Currently five different types
-Synergize well with ricochet or piercing shot
-Freeze element is the least useful
A Headshot -12.5% chance to kill mobs instantly
-Triggered by ricochet, pierce, and even pet attacks
-Good choice for chapters with many enemies
A Shield Guard -Two shields rotate around you, blocking projectiles -One of the weaker defensive options, but still useful
A Strike abilities -Summons a sword dealing 150% damage and applying an elemental effect -Freeze is the worst option
A Crit Aura and Speed Aura -Greatly increases crit chance or attack speed for two seconds every eight seconds -Synergize well with each other
-Generally worse than flat bonuses
B Bloodthirst -Restores 1.5% of max HP per kill -More reliable than strong heart ability
B Plus abilities -Increases attack, attack speed, max HP, or crit when a room is cleared without getting hit
-Does not work on angel rooms
-Higher max bonus than flat bonuses, but unreliable
-Not good for short chapters
B Water Walker and Through the Wall -Allows you to walk through walls or over water
-Through the Wall also allows you to walk over spikes
-Increases damage by 15%
-Only available from devil
-Makes it easier to dodge attacks
-Some weapons can fire while inside walls
B Holy Touch -Attacks that connect send two projectiles perpendicularly dealing 60% damage -Decent for hordes of enemies
-New projectiles can look like enemy attacks

That’s it for our basic Archero guide! Hopefully you’re now outfitted with a number of data about the best Archero heroes, skills, skills, and more! Bought any more Archero ideas or useful hints? Tell us within the feedback under!