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Apple’s Tim Cook Speaks Against iOS Sideloading, Says Users Should Go to Android for Third-Party Apps

Apple’s Tim Cook has spoken up about his opinion regarding the iOS sideloading dispute that has faced the Cupertino giant for several occasions now. Cook suggests that people interested in sideloading third-party applications should head to the Google platform of Android, where it can download from outside of the Play Store. 

Apple Tim Cook Speaks Against iOS Sideloading

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Apple Tim Cook

Cook is a long-time CEO for Apple now, and this means that he knows its products, devices, and offers to a degree that no one else would, making him a person whose opinion has gravity to certain issues. That being said, in the recent New York Times DealBook Summit, Tim Cook has expressed his concerns and issues against the iOS Sideloading. 

The CEO has reiterated that it wants nothing to do with iOS sideloading, further saying that Apple would not make a change regarding this. People can go to Android if they want sideloaded applications, but they would not get this feature in the iOS platform, especially as it is a potential danger to the operating system.

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iOS Sideloading is a Massive Dispute Now

The iOS Sideloading is a massive issue now, and the dispute against it focuses on the security and safety of a platform that is being pushed by legislators. While Google has shown a good track with Android’s third-party openness, Apple is still liking where it is now, particularly as it has control over the industry and what enters its devices.

Moreover, it was regarded by Cook that it is like selling cars without airbags, and that sideloading can potentially open them to threats and issues. 

iOS Sideloading: Apple Not On-Board

The tech company of Apple has been in long and grueling talks, as well as lawsuits with regards to opening up the iOS for sideloading opportunities where people can install applications outside the App Store. Earlier this year, both Apple and Google were compelled by the law to allow sideloading from different sources, opening up their software to these applications.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Google’s platform is known for allowing APK installation on its operating system and the devices that use it, making it one of the most flexible OS to work with. However, it is a different story with the Cupertino giant that remains firm to stand its ground, where different executives of the company have spoken up against sideloading. 

The likes of Craig Federighi and Tim Cook have focused on the stand of the company’s software to remain limited to what passes through its security scans, asking them for permission before being allowed to devices. Unlike in other platforms and OS, users have the flexibility to install whatever app they want on their respective devices.

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