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Apple’s New Digital Driver’s License Feature Will be Coming to You in 2022!

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Apple will be adopting a new digital driver’s license feature and it will be available for iOS 15 users in 2022.

Apple’s Digital Driver’s License

Earlier this year, Apple announced that they are partnering up with Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah for their new state IDs and driver’s licenses feature available in Apple Wallet.

Residents of the mentioned states will also be the first to experience the digital driver’s license.

As announced, the feature will make use of its Wallet app, allowing iOS 15 users to store their digital identification in handy, especially for airport security checkpoints.

With a digital driver’s license ID, iPhone, and Apple Watch users will only have to present them when asked during checkpoints; but will be available for participating airports only.

Regardless, Apple’s most-awaited digital driver’s license isn’t the only thing that missed the official iOS 15 launch. Some major features that were announced on stage were absent as well. 

Most additional features were added through updates-while some are scheduled to show up in the upcoming iOS 15.2.

Apple is still promising to launch additional facets of iOS 15 “later this fall”, like the Universal Control for users who wish to control their Macs or iPads using the same keyboard and mouse.

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Apple’s Digital Driver’s License Will be Out in “Early 2022”

Despite this, the original plan was to release the digital state ID feature in late 2021.

Though not officially announced, an update to the page of Apple’s iOS 15 hints that it will be in fact, delayed.

The shift in schedule release was due to news stating that Apple will be looking for “strict control” on how their partnered states will roll out the feature, which was previously known to be coming late this year.

Earlier this month, news broke out that Apple’s contract with their partner states is becoming restrictive.

According to CNBC, the contracts viewed from Kentucky, Arizona, Georgia, and Oklahoma shows that Apple has “sole discretion” on how each state will market the program, its success; and even the date of when they will launch the program alongside devices that they will mark as compatible.

Though Apple will be the one choosing the date of launch, the state-the taxpayers-will be responsible for the funding of the program.

Apple remains in conflict on when they will roll out digital driver’s licenses and state IDs on iOS 15. The page from iOS’s “All-New Features” still states that the anticipated feature will still arrive in “late 2021”.

With the holiday climate fast approaching, it’s more challenging to launch a program like this since a swarm of people celebrating holidays and going into vacations will build-up for the rest of the year. 

Such regulations will need the government to involve, but Apple wishes to make the program launch short and simple.

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