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Apple’s Health, Heart Rate, Workout Apps Could Now Be Rated, Reviewed on App Store

Apple’s Health, Heart Rate, Workout, and more built-in apps could now be reviewed and rated from the App Store.

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This illustration photo shows the Apple app store logo reflected from an iPhone onto the back of an iMac in Los Angeles, August 26, 2021. – Apple has agreed to loosen payment restrictions on its App Store, a major change announced in a settlement with small developers as the US technology giant faces growing scrutiny and legal challenges over its tightly controlled online marketplace. The change will allow small developers to inform their customers of alternative payment options beyond the official App Store.

Apple’s Health, Heart Rate, Workout Apps Could Now Be Rated, Reviewed

The Cupertino giant allowed its users to rate and review more pre-installed apps on the Apple App Store, as per 9to5Mac.

The new set of pre-installed apps include Health, Heart Rate, and Workout Apps. Not to mention that even essential apps, such as Safari, Photos, Phone, Messages, Camera, and Clock joined the list.

So far, the Messages app of the iPhone maker has already garnered an impressive 4.7 stars after releasing the rating and review options to the said app.

It is worth noting that the new apps that were included in the list are apps that could not be deleted from an iPhone or an iPad.

What’s more, the move by Apple could suggest that users could soon delete it and re-install it via the App Store. However, it could also merely be a way for the Cupertino giant to gauge the usability of their built-in apps.

But no one really knows for now as Apple has yet to announce the reason behind its latest move.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user that goes by the name Ian Broyles further noticed that Apple gave its pre-installed browser, Safari, an age rating of 4+, whereas other rivals, like Google Chrome, got a 17+ rating.

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Apple App Store Review and Rating

It is worth noting that the iPhone maker previously did not include any option to rate or review the pre-installed apps of its devices. The said features were nowhere to be found on the App Store even if they are listed in Apple’s app marketplace, as per the report by MacRumors.

However, that started to change last September when the Cupertino giant decided to allow its users to leave a review or a star rating on its built-in apps.

But during this time, the option was only limited to a small number of pre-installed apps, including Podcasts, Maps, and Mail.

Despite that change being notable to its users, Apple decided to roll it out to the said apps last Sept. 30 without any prior announcement.

During the initial release of the rating and review options for Apple’s built-in apps, the Podcasts app received a subpar rating from its users. To be precise, the said first-party app only got a 2-star rating on the App Store.

9to5Mac further noted in a separate report that the Podcasts app got the worst star rating from its users when compared to other built-in apps. Nevertheless, the Mail app also got tons of negative feedback from its users.

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