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Apple Watch Saves Life: Cyclist Suffers Car Accident But Smartwatch Sent an Automatic Emergency Signal

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

A certain British cyclist by the name of Jay Dixon notes that he might not have been able to be alive after a certain car hit him. Dixon notes that he might not have made it out above if it weren’t for his very own Apple Watch detecting the fall and choosing to summon help.

Cyclist Gets Hit by a Car

According to the article by Apple Insider, Jay Dixon, a particular cyclist coming from Cleethorpes, located in northeast England, was reportedly hit by a car while he tried to turn down a side road. The particular collision sent him flying directly off the bike, and his own Apple Watch was able to detect the fall the moment he hit the ground.

Dixon told a local news publication, GrimsbyTelegraph, that he came straight off the bike and was actually immediately concussed. He then noted that the driver came over to see him, but he was still incredibly tired and drifting in and out of consciousness.

Jay Dixon Shares Experience

It was stated that there was a moment that he laid on the floor and thought to himself if he should either wake up or just lay down and give in. Dixon shared that he had repeatedly tried to get up but still could not manage it. He then shared that he was actually incredibly lucky.

It was noted that if the cyclist had collided with the car for a few more inches to the right, Dixon noted that he could be dead. Despite calling the incident a near miss, Dixon notes that he believes that he was able to remain alive due to his Apple Watch.

Emergency Signal Sent by the Apple Watch

He then stated that when he fell, his watch then sent out a certain emergency signal to the official emergency services and his partner. It was stated that the smartwatch had detected that he had taken a fall and then sent his exact location to the two parties. 

The Apple Watch told the parties exactly what had happened to Dixon, and his partner was able to get there in just 15 minutes. Dixon then reported that he currently has cuts and bruises but still intends to be back out riding the bike as soon as possible.

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Apple Watch Saves Lives

This is reportedly just the latest of a lot of reports of the Apple Watch saving lives. These include the ones where the device was able to detect a fall. As of the moment, it is still unknown as to which Apple Watch did Dixon wear. The story was reportedly first spotted by iMore.

The Apple Watch has also saved another life after a man sustained a nasty head injury from a fall that happened inside an ER bathroom. This is not the only instance wherein the Apple Watch was able to save lives. Another instance was when the Apple Watch saved a woman with the Widow Maker’s heart attack.

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