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Apple Watch Saves Life… Again! Woman Says Apple Watch Saved Her Life After Detecting Heart Rate Condition

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A woman from Missouri thanked Apple Watch for saving her life after the device alerted her of her low heart rate twice, revealing a serious heart condition.

Apple Watch Saves Life From Possible Heart Attack

A healthy sixty-eight-year-old woman from Oakville, Missouri named Patti Sohn is living a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise. She has been using her Apple Watch- her son gifted to her- this year to close her activity rings.

Little did she know that the wearable is actually tracking her heart rate while she was alerted a few months ago.

“My watch buzzed my wrist and read something like your heart rate has been below 43 for the last 10 minutes and I thought, What, that can’t be right,'” Sohn told NBC affiliate KSDK.

Sohn manually took her pulse then double-checked what the reading says on a blood pressure monitor. Her heart rate sits between 39 and 40 bpm (beats per minute).

The woman went to the Missouri Baptist Medical Center, was admitted to the advanced cardiac care unit, and was placed under monitoring.

“I was on 24/7 monitoring and around 4 a.m. my heart converted back to what’s called normal sinus rhythm, so a normal heart rate,” she said.

She was released eventually but after a week, she started receiving alerts from Apple Watch again; alerting her of her low heart rate.

“It was in the evening. I wasn’t doing anything strenuous and my Apple Watch buzzed my wrist again and said you’ve been below 40 for the last 10 minutes,” Sohn stated.

Following her hospital admission, turns out Sohn has a second-degree atrioventricular block (or the second-degree heart block. This particular heart condition will require her to use a pacemaker; a small device that will be implanted on her chest to help control her heartbeat.

After being fitted with the device, Sohn continues to live a healthy lifestyle. She still uses her Apple Watch to monitor her exercise ring every time she goes out for three-to-four mile walks.

Sohn told KSDK that she’s thankful for Apple Watch for alerting her and the doctors who diagnosed and treated her heart condition.

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Can Apple Watch Detect Heart Problems?

Apple Watch is powered by a heart rate sensor and the Heart Rate application. Thus, is capable of sending heart health notifications by tracking a user’s heart rate and alerting them with readings that became irregular, such as atrial fibrillation.

Earlier this year, there was also a case proving that Apple Watch can detect heart problems, where a sudden change in a heartbeat can instantly be an indication that something far worse than what it alerts is happening to the user.

While it won’t totally diagnose a heart problem, its alerts shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can also be a symptom of a serious heart disorder.

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