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Apple Watch Health Features: watchOS 8.1 brings Upgrades, Vaccination Card Wallet, and MORE

Apple Watch is updating its systems to the watchOS 8.1, and if you are using the wearable tech accessory for the iPhone, this update is a massive improvement for one’s usage of the device. From the enhanced fall detection update up to the Wallet app that can now hold the image of one’s COVID-19 vaccination card right at one’s wrist, here is the new update. 

Health is the Focus of watchOS 8.1 from Apple

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Apple Watch Series 7

One of the top health focuses of updates to the latest watchOS 8.1 is the enhanced fall detection feature of the wearable tech. And while the feature of the Apple Watch has helped a lot already in the past, it still wants the fall detection to be better and optimized for all kinds of people. 

It would also help in determining the false alarms of falls if it is accidental or brought on by health reasons. 

Additionally, all of the needs in getting in and out of establishments can be brought with the Watch, and it is with the arrival of COVID-19 Vaccination Cards on the Wallet app that can be flashed with the Apple Watch. 

This means that a vaccination card that was stored on the digital platform would also reflect on the Apple Watch for easier integration and no more need to whip up one’s device. 

Lastly, the upgrade also invites more people to join a group workout for the Fitness+ workout regime of the company. 

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Apple Watch and its Health Benefits

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The Apple Watch is constantly upgrading each year to bring the best features of Apple for the wearable tech that is known as the sole partner of the iPhone. The Series 7 has brought a lot for the current version, but it still has the old chip off the Series 6. 

What Apple Watch has been notable for and has been popular with since its release all these years is that it integrated a massive lot of the health functions on its device. The focus of Apple has been more on health already, making it a tool that is a must-have for the present era.

The Apple Watch is known to bring an ECG monitor or its heart beat sensors (and its interpretations), blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, medical ID, emergency calling, and fitness features. 

Apple Watch: watchOS 8.1, and MORE Coming for the Wearable

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Apple Watch Series 7

The recent announcement of Apple for the Apple Watch confirms a lot of things, and it is with the health focuses of its wearable technology. One of the tops focuses of the next update is to bring the Fitness+, but it would be available to other countries and services in the upcoming November 3.

The Fitness+ would be a subscription service that is priced at $9.99 per month or a discounted $79.99 for the entire year, but these rates are for the US region only and would vary for other places. 

Apart from the Fitness+ that would soon come for the entire world, the update of watchOS 8.1 is here, and it would be the continuation of the watchOS 8.1 that was released earlier today. 

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